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Thread: Umbrella Academy Sketches

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    Pencilling Umbrella Academy Sketches

    A couple sketches I had done by way of warmup for a new sequential page I was working on. Just finished reading the first Umbrella Academy trade and really enjoyed alot of the character design. Hope y'all enjoy!


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    Holy wow, those are good.
    Really good.

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    very cool.

    i know it's likely a badysuit, but on the chick there's no dilineation of where it starts or ends, like at her ankles and wrists and such. If it isn't a body suit, and the notes and music lines are the suit....well....that's one way to get people to appreciate classical music :P


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    Thanks guys!

    On the White Violin - it's actually her skin. She's NEKKID! It's like doing a dirty drawing but not getting caught


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    Great character designs. You might think about going into videogames some day!

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    These are really good. I like that you put some of your own style into these rather than just straight-up aping Ba's style. Good work!
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    joh - Thanks! But I can't take credit for the designs - that goes to Garard Way and Gabriel Ba.

    takende - much appreciated. I don't think I could have pulled off Ba's style even if I tried, but I really do dig the proportions for his Spaceboy, which I tried to carry across.

    Maybe next I'll try to pump out the rest of the crew.

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    Right click and save.

    Awesome. I just purchased the graphic novel and read it for the first time and it is actually really really good. Let's see the rest of the characters.


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