View Poll Results: Who made the coolest Zodiac amalgam?

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  • cold_blooded_angel

    7 11.11%
  • johnbreedyjr

    1 1.59%
  • Ryan.Smith

    4 6.35%
  • Heathen

    4 6.35%
  • hydekomiksink

    0 0%
  • Archerion

    0 0%
  • Dr. Baltar

    24 38.10%
  • Scottewen

    1 1.59%
  • bikini

    6 9.52%
  • Spidey

    12 19.05%
  • ink4884

    4 6.35%
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Thread: Zodiac Challenge (K.O.- Dr. Baltar)

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    Wow, everybody came out big on this one. Great imaginations. Awesome job everybody.
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    I went with Spidey on this one. I really like Dr B's and Bikini's also

    and I'm amused by the thought of what a COLC-blooded-angel might be
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    thanks for adding me!

    I voted Dr. Balter. I could see a storyline with these characters for some reason. Great job

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    Crabbit just made me chuckle. The crab eyes are a nice touch, I can see this being come sort of Alice in Wonderland-ish critter that you'd want to watch out for!

    For sheer kick you in face'ness... Dr. Baltar's has really got it going on. Hate to see that coming.

    Bikini's wins for sexy. That's pretty damn hot.

    All three of these tied, but I ended up voting for CBA, it was the most 'different', and I am a fan of different.

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    Man o' man. It was really hard to choose. All of these entries are stand-outs! I especially liked Spidey's, Binkini's, and Dr. Baltar's. But in the end, I went with Heathen. I just thought his was really freaky and original.

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    I liked baltars but i had to go with spidey...

    bikin's would have gotten my vote but it looked like it took her about 5 minutes to draw. and i dont fall for the appealing to the demographic trick. lol.
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    I like Ryan Smith's woolie armpits...err Drawing! yeah his draaaawwing. Yes, that.
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    and i dont fall for the appealing to the demographic trick. lol.
    Well, it appealed to my demographic. (Not intended as a dirty joke until just now)
    I should get on that...

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    This was pretty impressive all round. I chose Cold-blooded-angel's though - Something about the crabbit that is so damn cool and works as an illustration.

    The other two that caught the eye were Doc Baltar's and Bikini's . One an awsome show of rendering and the other just totally sexay.

    I also need to mention Heathen's. It's creepy and very creative.


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