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Thread: Ink4884 sketch blog

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    wow the fourm's been down and i've been busy...most recent to more older stuff.

    a series of rough justice league sketches. a world without supes wonderwoman and bats

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    Your faces are amazing. I'm truly jealous.

    You're limbs and hands/feet are a bit random throughout though.

    For instance, in the Batgirl pic there are two clear problems. One is that her raised fist is enormous - and the other is that the other arm is really, really short (i don't think its a foreshortening issue).

    In the pic on the first page where you ask us to 'guess the team' - the guy standing to the left of the pic has feet so small that he'd topple over in a light breeze.

    These are all, of course, points that can be easily rectified (if you agree that they're errors that is) - and we're still left with the fact that you draw absolutely beautiful faces.
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    yup i hate hates hands...will continue to force myself to draw them so my visual memory starts liking them

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    You have serious talent But I notice with yur faces you seem to cut their nose and cheek bones a little short almost has a n egg like shape in the profile with no nose to speak off or cheeks?

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    thanks for lookin

    a higher res at my d.a site

    justice noticed my thread got edited and got rid of the pesky date. Thanks mods

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    Good stuff man. Keep it up.

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    these are very cool but the only thing i can see wrong is that you draw virtually the same girl over and over in a different outfit a female face study would significantly improve your that issue other than that awesome work

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    for redesign contest and the a higher rest at my d.a site.

    thanks for looking..


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