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Thread: Ink4884 sketch blog

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    haha yeah... watched superman returned and tried my best to watch the others and than when i started to draw the girls of the movie they mutated to whatever.

    I been trying to push myself as much as possible since the terra post on pj a while back.

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    i know peter's face in the straight forward one is wrong because i fliped it in photoshop but yeah this was my testing out for a seq i was thinking about doing. Also testing my new red and blue lead.

    "danger" is progressivelly become more and more fun to draw.

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    was a good opp to study blacks and folds..but screwed up on the face and neck. Tried to fix it to many times and the paper ripped....but yeah i am going to move but thought i post anways.

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    Thought you could edit thread titles...guess not...if i could i'd remove that date but yeah i'll still update anways.

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    Very very cool stuff man. You definitly have flair. You just need to brush up on some basic face proportions IMO. That phoenix pic is great.

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    Need more, already having withdrawn!!!!!!

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    Really nice stuff and very fluid, keep sketching!

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    I luuuurrrrve it!

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    wow the fourm's been down and i've been busy...most recent to more older stuff.

    a series of rough justice league sketches. a world without supes wonderwoman and bats



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