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Thread: sketch dump

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    for sum animal ninja art battle.

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    For a draw yourself as a villian/hero art battle

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    i draw too much...and yet still suck

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    sketch at werk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by austere
    i draw too much...and yet still suck

    at least you even draw at all...unlike me. i really wanna make a sketch blog, but i never draw, so its kind of moot.
    I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix

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    well, i took a long break from drawing...not purposely...but because of school and work. Came back and found I've become so crappy at it.

    Back on the horse tho, i think I'm getting a tad bit better. I'm drawing a batman pic right now that looks decent, haven't pencil shaded in awhile...I'll post it here once its done.

    Oh, and a lot of these drawings are from me doodling at work , so I just make time to draw even if I don't have it.
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    couple tad bit older (crappy) ones.

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