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Thread: "Cookies!" 3pg humor strip for Reflux#2

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    "Cookies!" 3pg humor strip for Reflux#2

    here's something I did a little while back with writer, Kurt Christenson, for Reflux#2- a humor/drama anthology comic coming out in June. all comments and critiques welcomed as always. Thanks!

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    Hey this really took me on a trip and freaked with my mind. Normally I would group this with the modern/postmodern stuff I hate, but I must give you propers. I believe I used the phrase "design-school-ly" for the last thing you posted, but who cares, this stands by itself.

    My crit is that the dialogue on the last page is hard to follow. Maybe some stricter 180 rule application would fix it.

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    Love your art (big shock, huhn), but don't care for the writing. Sorta stream of consciousness stuff, which either works for someone or doesn't.

    You kick butt, Chris.


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    Excellent inking style! Great job!
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    Awesome. Pretty funny, too.
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    Yeah, the first couple pages were just amazing. The last page lost me totally. Not lost as I didn't get it, but lost as I wanted to change the channel.

    Definitely should see more of this, well done.

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    I don't know, I think the instability works somehow...but then, i'm a rather unstable person

    I like it anyhow

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    thanks for the feedback guys!

    rushmore- thanks for the "propers"! yeah, I can see that the last pg was a bit hard to follow...but not sure what you are talking about with the 180 rule...oh, wait, I think I see what you are saying with the last part of the pg. thanks for the feedback!

    chip- thanks for the art comments hmm...I'm guessing it was mostly the last pg of the writing that didnt' do it for ya? I actually liked that pg...but guess it's not everyone's cup of tea. that's cool, I can respect that.

    tim, mike,pop- thanks!

    xadrian- thanks for the comments! hmm...another that didn't like the last pg...just curious, you don't like this kind of stuff or it just wasn't done well? not your type of humor or just plain didn't work?

    plognark- cool! thanks!

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    Oh man, I loved that. Sweetness all around. I never trusted anyone who wanted kids to eat cookies for breakfast. That ain't right man.
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