NEW INKWELL AWARDS FUNDRAISING AUCTIONS ARE NOW UP! While enjoying your holiday weekend please check out the latest 10 ORIGINAL ART donations offered to our non-profit to support it! This wave of generous donors include: Joltin' Joe Sinnott who sketched Thor on a sketch card! Two sketch covers of OA (Daredevil & Nightwing) from Scott McDaniel! A Batman cover by Jim Taylor and Mark Masztal! Groot & Rocket by Alex Saviuk! A wraparound Howard the Duck cover by '70s HtD artist Steve Leialoha! A wraparound Batgirl cover by Corin Howell! Spider-man by '90s Spider artist Steven Butler! A frightening Green Goblin visage by Dan Fraga! And an Astro City HC w/ a signed&numbered (1of1) creator plate signed by creators Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson! PLEASE SHARE!!!!