Hello All! I'm the creator for the epic cyber thriller comic "Kris". Kris, a non official intelligence officer has been dispatched to infiltrate and take down the notorious hack group "Zero Day"! Are you ready to take down the comic industry?

If so:

I am looking for an Epic Illustrator who will use their skill and creativity to bring "Kris" to a visual reality! This comic is a long mini series, seems a bit contradictory, lets just call it a mid mini series of 6-9 issues of 20-24 page comic. Please submit a sample of the following page description:

  • CAPTION 1:
    October 16, 2016

    PAGE 1, Panel 1.
    (Wide panel) On an old brick wall in a dark dingy basement hung a 50 inch flat screen TV. In front of the TV sat a male figure on a ripped leather chair in the shadows, his jeans illuminated by the neon glare of the TV. The man wore a hoodie (not pulled over his head) and behind him stood the faint outline of (3) 27 inch computer screens resting on a desk. To the right of the desk was a bathroom illuminated by a night-light giving off an eerie glow. Directly adjacent to the man was a door to a staircase up.

    PAGE 1, Panel 2.
    (Close up) On the TV a NEWs anchor, resembling Anderson Cooper, is talking about the recent exploits of a hacking group’s IoT Denial of Service and Equifax attack, Behind the anchors is an image, on a screen of a hooded hacker (with 1’s and 0’s raining down) with the words “Zero Days”

    PAGE 1, Panel 3.
    (Close up) Samantha, is an above average looking Indian female, looks like Aishwarya Rai, who is wearing a blue collar shirt with two buttons undone exposing her smooth light brown skin. Behind her is the screen, which has now changed to a thumb print on a screen with green ones and zeros (website https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/i...OzXfWFjtKFNkVA

    PAGE 1, Panel 4.
    (Medium Shot) The man with his arm stretched out points the remote in the direction the TV, exposing his tattooed forearm with a human crowned skull smoking cigar (the tattoo is a Russian prison tat) and a Fitbit. He is pressing the button on the remote to increase the sound. The TV is blurred.

    PAGE 1, Panel 5.
    (Close Up) Back to the TV on the wall. Samantha has now joined the Anchor. She is looking intently at him.

    PAGE 1, Panel 6.
    (Close Up) Samantha is still looking toward the anchor and is talking and using hand gestures to make her point.

    PAGE 1, panel 7.
    (Medium Shot) The man standing now, his body showing physical fatigue, turns to the desk behind him. The TV is now off camera.

    Page 1, Panel 8
    (Mid Shot) The man is walking towards the desk. He is pulling his hood from his hoodie over his head, the TV glare illuminates a portion of his face, (https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/i...qq0RJu9JRp62q_ ). The monitors on the screen are now flickering on.

** This is not a paid submission but If selected you will be invited to be a valuable member of this creative juggernaut and offered a paid contract.**

Please submit your art proposal by (11/1/2017) to diabolicalkomic@gmail.com with a short bio to include:

  • Name
  • Where you are from
  • Links to other art work (Instagram, Deviant Art, Pencil Jack)
  • Contact email address
  • Other services you provide (Coloring, inking, lettering)

NOTE: If your art is not selected we will not use it in any form.

I'm Looking forward to seeing what you can do!!