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Thread: WIP Cable & Domino

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    WIP Cable & Domino

    I saw a thread somewhere around here for cable and Domino, so I thought I would sketch it out. Heres my little version so far. I plan on cleaning it up tomorrow.

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    You might flip the image horizontally. That would put her domino eye on the eye closer to the viewer, and would also put the scars on Cable's eye more prominent.

    I'm also wondering what they are looking at. They aren't looking at each other. She also has a nice relaxed pose, but he seems a little stiff.
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    Nice work! His right (gun) arm is a little awkwardly posed, it looks like the shoulder is a little low when lining up with the torso and it's strangely placed between them. Really like the faces though! you have a great style!

    And i think you saw this weeks weekly sketch group, the topic is cable and domino!


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