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Thread: Pummel August 2017 Ranked Matches

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellybobo View Post
    Wait, a no show drops you to the very bottom of the list?
    Only an MIA (Missing In Action) No-Show drops you to the bottom. If you give notice before the deadline, it's a regular No-Show and counts as a normal loss. This was carried over from the old Pummel, but I know you were not one to No-Show, so you probably never noticed. I know it sucks, but I even reminded everyone about it in the second post in this thread because there were some no-show issues last month.

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    01 battlewraith
    02 Pete Tha Creep

    03 Symson
    04 wender1

    05 solanki
    06 Aaron2011

    07 skullone
    08 pell

    09 superartguy
    10 ReggieR3mote

    11 Andre-G
    12 letsgowijaya
    13 Ellybobo

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    I didn't see the SEPTEMBER RANKED MATCHES post but I'm in for it.

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