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Thread: July ranked matches!

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    Hopefully, this one works. It about a migrant worker standing up to the abusive white cowboys.

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    Here's mine, I'll put up the poll:

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    My monthly!
    I've been backtracking the thread and seeing everyone having photobucket issuses, so I'm uploading somewhere else now (if this is a dead link that is)
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    "Ohh come on, Spidey, you don't think we're just some nerdy white boy with no street cred?"
    Great job, CrazyMobius.

    Ellybobo, I can see your submission now.

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    Aaron2011, you still have to post your piece or you're also a No-Show.

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    Yup! Just posted it. Here it is here too. Supernatural.
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    You guys can start the poll without me, ibtries to make it still but i gotta miss out on this one. Next month should be less buay for me. I'm just trying to jungle too much lately.
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    Hey Pete, looks like I'm going to have to duck out for August. Things are getting pretty crunchy at work. I'll likely be back in for September. Will still be around to vote!
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