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Thread: Sequential Artist looking for some new gigs!

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    Sequential Artist looking for some new gigs!

    Hey y'all,

    Just wrapped up some big projects so I gotta start looking for new gigs. I am a 4 year freelancing Penciller/Inker/Colourist, I've been published and I am hungry. I love the medium, love the work, and I am constantly trying to up my game. I got great rates, and a huge portfolio, and I am happiest when I get to draw and colour my work. I specialize in scifi and supernatural books, but I can draw anything, and always look forward to new challenges.

    I am gonna be in Japan for the next four weeks, so I won't be able to do much other than concepts and roughs while abroad, and mainly plan on fielding offers.

    My rates are:
    $90 for pencils
    $130 pencils and inks
    $155 for completed, coloured pages

    Email me at

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