THE INKWELL AWARDS SEASON FINALE FUNDRAISING MEGA AUCTIONS! Here are a record 39 listings of original art and signed prints and other items consisting of several newly-offered donations from the season, a few recent submissions, a lot of remaining relists marked way down, and even another belated Neal Adams Inking Challenge Spotlight page in case you missed bidding on the others earlier! Much thanks to the generous support of our non-profit organization from Idan Knafo Kerbis, Bella Rachlin, Warren Martineck, Gerry Acerno, John Livesay w/ Pat Olliffe, Joe St.Pierre, Jason Casey, Joe Staton, Richard Case(3), Josef Rubinstein w/ John Byrne, Darryl Banks w/ Terry Austin, Scott Kolins(2), Bill Morrison, Buzz/Aldrin Aw, Arash Zandieh(2), Jon Haeffner, Geoffrey Munn, and relists by Ed McGuinness(4), Ken Lashley(3), Dan Panosian(2), Michael Dooney, Michael Golden(3), Bill Sienkiewicz, Ryan Stegman(2), and Afua Richardson! WE ARE STILL BEHIND BUDGET FOR THE HEROES CON AWARDS CEREMONY EXPENSES SO PLEASE SHARE, PLEASE LOOK, AND/OR PLEASE BID! THANK YOU IMMENSELY FOR ANOTHER GREAT SEASON/YEAR!