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Thread: American Nerd Culture: Batman (Bruce Wayne)

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    American Nerd Culture: Batman (Bruce Wayne)

    He's over 75 years old and he's as popular as God. He's had a lot of friends for a guy who sees himself as a loner. He's had wards help him in his aid to stop crime. His only purpose is to make sure no one feels the pain that he feels. Which is letting his parents down by not stopping the man from killing them. He's crazy and he knows he's crazy.

    How do you see Batman?

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    I always like the take that it's Bruce Wayne which is the mask, and Batman is who he really is. It certainly explains why he basically lives as Batman, and only puts on the Wayne face for public appearances.

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    I have come to love how versatile the character has become because of all the different interpretations over the years. I don't think there's any superhero character quite like it.

    I have my own preference for how I see the character, but I used to be a lot more precious about it. I didn't like it when Robin or Batgirl would show up. I was also not a huge fan of the idea that he's part of some justice league. I just liked this idea of a brooding vengeful loner that all those other elements clashed with that version.
    But I've since come to appreciate how that allows for different kinds of stories that make you look at the character in different ways. The extended Batfamily itself also makes for interesting different flavors playing in the same sandbox.

    I still like to segment those different takes as much as possible and I don't love it when it blends together too much. It's why I can't really get into Scott Snyder's stories where you have this creepy homicidal Joker, but also giant robot suits. Or when Grant Morrisson tried to introduce silver age things like Batman of Zurr-En-Arr and Bat-Mite into a dark contemporary story. There needs to be some tonal consistency in the story for me to buy into.

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    I used to LOVE Batman ...

    But now I am more on the thinking he's overrated side...

    I mean he really hasn't evolved much since Miller's DK ...

    I know it's very unpopular to say this but I think Batman is going to milk it for a long long time ...

    And while I'm mentioning Miller's DKR ... I think something similar should be done for other high profile less cared for superheroes... But of course there is, but they just don't get much of the limelight like Batman...

    I mean if we wanna talk about on the DC side, Green Lantern has so much potential to be an awesome movie and/or tv series ... But everyone always focuses on Batman... Even Superman (the inspiration for Batman) has taken second place behind Batman... It's kind of annoying if you think about it...

    A do-gooder who is irritated with everything and sort of intellect above everyone around him ... Kind of ironic... Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, but *GASP* don't tell the Batfans such a thing...


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