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Thread: Clip Studio perspective

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    Interesting theory. Let's test it.

    You want to start with the "perfect" square formed by the 90 angle at the viewers feet, where each foot points to a VP. Outstanding! Thats Arbitrary Decision #1. We need two so, Arbitrary Decision #2 shall be (just to pick one of a fine variety of ADs) "V goes here"

    Those are the only two decisions we get; Everything else is FORCED on us. First, to achieve a grid of perfect squares, we MUST bisect V; Remember, we don't have a choice, we MUST do this. What happens when we do? "Good Gravy in the Morning," it goes right to the VPD

    Wait, there's more! The diagonal cuts right through the corner of my original square!! "Well light my hair and call me Torchy!" Unbelievable!

    Don't touch that dial, we saved the best for last. If we complete the grid we see that my original square is not only perfect, it's perfectly aligned to the grid!!! That's not just any square, thats Queen's Knight 3. "Holy checkerboard, Bat-dude! how'd he do that?" Easy. I AM the *Mighty Paul™ and thou shalt have no other Paul's before me. Why? Because I'm the big old darn well say soer of the west and I darn well said so... with a big old western twang.

    Your way, the long way, is never wrong, it's simply, by definition, the long way. Study the long way till the short way makes sense. Then, save some time, use the short way.

    Remember, arbitrary here does not mean irrational. It does not mean intentionally mislabeling a form for giggle's sake. It means that from the wide variety of truthful, rational, operational ADs we have to pick from, we pick... uhhhhh... these two (but, any two will do because I darn well said so.)

    *Mighty Paul is a title bestowed on me by Clan McLoud because I was the only one there who knew how to use an appliance dolly. They didn't seem to understand the dolly was doing all the work, I was just steering. But, that's a secret so...shh, don't tell them.
    I've read several perspective books which showed this picture (courtesy of Almeyer)...

    ... and could never wrap my head around something so mind-blowingly simple that if you start with a ninety degree angle llow enough on the page, moving up will give you actionable angles that are no longer looking down from a bird's eye view.

    Somehow Smitty's pic kicked things into place in my brain. I think it was the lack of curved lines, tbh.
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    Nuff said! I can't believe my initial question will go as far...

    To be honest, I've read this phrase from Smitty two or three times in the last 8 months "Perspective is two arbitrary decisions and everything else is carved in stone" . But, I always thought of it like something valid for the figures, as I've always seen it in threads related to locate figures in space... but it was obviuosly a stupid thought, it has sense for everything, as everything in one space relate to every other thing in the same space! Feel ashamed 'cause this is really obvious, but happy for the moment of revelation!

    Sorry if I make you repeat things so much Smitty... and thanks!

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    No apologies necessary.

    The decisions you guys made were correct. They were right, proper and true (except for the "I'm calling this rectangle a square" thing.)

    Simply understand this: if you start with geometry, protractors, plans, elevations, MPs, VPs, SPs, VPDs then you're starting at the beginning and going the long way. THAT'S A GOOD THING! Always start at the beginning and go the long way until you understand the process.

    Once you understand the process you'll see you don't need the beginning, you don't need the middle. Make your first two decisions judiciously (the thimble and the rocket ship, the dog and the firetruck, the baby and the pothole) and you can start at the end and achieve the same results faster.


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