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Thread: Generation X samples

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    Hey Guys first just wanna say thanks so much for the comments and crits! All the input is more than great and thought provoking as well.

    One thing makes me curious though. A lot of your comments are steered toward things not being realistic/ correct, which is fine, but then begs the question, this is comics, when is the line drawn between style/storytelling and realism?

    JOSEM/ MLAW- Thanks Basilisk, In a sense, that's what I was going for. Thanos is a Titan, a brute. All power. Silverback is a good example, Mr. Impossible is another good example. Design-wise the Hulk is another character within the Marvel U, I'd think could match his power, only I think of Thanos as more planted, calculating; rather than agile, hence the thick heavy, shorter legged squarish form rather than tall or athletic. Yea, it's not anatomically correct according to human standards, but silhouette-wise does it not tell the story of the character at first glance? And again it's comics. If we're talking anatomically correct, Thanos isn't human. He's a humanoid make believe alien from a make believe planet, so what is correct really?

    SHANNONH/CRAZYJEDICHICKEN- Thanks guys, good points!

    SMITTY- Really appreciate this. You're definitely right about the blazers, and normally I would have them all black except these were based on the designs from the series.

    LOVE the input in blacking Jubilee out in page 2 panel 4, it really does Pop the explosion. I think you missed the storytelling point in your criticism of page 3 though. The last 2 panels on page 2 introduce a conflict with the explosion, and the allusion of a foreboding figure that caused it, so wouldn't the reveal of that figure then be the main subject of the next page? I agree your lighting is more realistic, but I dabbled with the same lighting before ending with what I have, because yours makes me think "OH SNAP scary guy... but who is he?" rather than "OH SNAP IT'S F*#$%$@ THANOS!!!" Not saying what I have is the best approach, and I usually don't condone leaving it to color to fight my battles for me, but in this case I figured it's clear the subject of the page is being revealed, and color would give it even more value to pop Thanos and seal the deal.
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    Hey bro. I say chew up the meat and spit out the bones. Ultimately it's your choice and your art. Keep pushing! Good to see another Georgian on here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannonh View Post
    Hey bro. I say chew up the meat and spit out the bones. Ultimately it's your choice and your art. Keep pushing! Good to see another Georgian on here!
    Thanks Shannon. Yea, that's usually my mantra, just trying to figure out what's meat and what's bone. Feelin' a little stuck.

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