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I tend to draw things that 1) I hope will not change for a bit and for which 2) I like the shapes generated. So I tend to draw buildings, vehicles like cars and mopeds, people if I think they have an interesting face or pose or if they are dressed interestingly and I think they will sit still. If I am drinking coffee, and there are magazines around, I will scour these magazines for reference photos I like and draw from them. These are little vignettes and I will cover a sketchbook page with lots of vignettes until it is full and then move on to the next page.

EDIT: I also write notes, draw thumbnail designs, and draw from imagination. The drawings from imagination aren't very good and that is something I'm working on.

What do you tend to draw when out and about?
I used to like drawing Marvel / DC Superheroes. At some point I switched into drawing my own creations as I knew I didn't want to work for Marvel or DC / become a Professional for hire comicbook artist.

Otherwise, I am not sure what I draw.

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Smygba, are you asking because you have a hard time starting? Because below is what works for me.

I tell myself I will treat my sketchbook as a diary that I show to no one, a place where I have permission to fail. No one will see. I will sometimes, but I do that less and less nowadays, carry a second sketchbook with me in which I only do "good drawings" and no experimentation. This is the sketchbook I am willing to show to people if they ask if they can see. I have found that the private diary sketchbook has far more interesting drawings in them, and I sometimes turn these into finished illustrations. Sure, there are duds in the private diary sketchbook, there are failures, but wonderful things also sometimes happen on the page.

For drawing materials, the best sketchbook is the one you have on you, so take one that is as big as possible but small enough that you will want to carry it along with you everywhere, and the precise pen or pencil you use isn't as important as actually drawing a lot. So experiment, find out what you enjoy working with. It is important that you enjoy the process.

Choose things you want to draw, things that inspire you, capture the poetic beauty that gets you lyrical and got you interested in this art form. It will make you want to return to your sketchbook.

For finished works, the tools do matter of course. But what you do in your sketchbook is practice, note down (visual) ideas. try out various designs, a place to have fun and experiment. For finished work you do want the good paper and the good brush, but for practicing... I liken it to practicing a musical instrument. You practice and you practice... the thing you gain from practice isn't the actual finished drawing, but the improved skill, and the sheer joy of drawing as an activity. And then occasionally, you take a step back, and the sketchbook page looks nice anyway!
I am pretty good at the not being worried about what people will see aspect. In many ways, the growth of the internet has meant someone like me isn't noticed too much or at all. Plus Penciljack is nothing like when I started. It was very harsh environment once to post on here. So I don't worry about the judgment factor.

Starting out - yes to some extent, I am a bit unsure. I've never really gone about trying to maintain a sketchbook or anything. Especially whilst not out and about and drawing anywhere.

I've always drawn at my desk at home. The hours I worked for the past 3.5 yrs and with the added challenges of kids meant I barely drew.

I don't think I'll do such terrible hours again and my kids are slowly growing up. My life is changing and its an opportunity to change how I have done things.

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Smygba, I should have checked your deviantArt gallery first! Nice work, nice pages! Your process seems to be pretty close to what I was describing actually. Lots of pencil sketches, and you ink the best ones. You draw well. Never mind my previous post. My post sounds patronizing now :-) You're already doing that :-)

Why not do the same while out and about? Draw picturesque shops, cars, statues, trees, fun stuff?
Thanks for the compliments.

Though if you check the dates, most of that is few and far between. I'm not even sure when I last sat down and drew. Even if that's what I was doing, its not been done recently enough for it to count as my current process.

I basically have none right now. These posts have been helpful for giving a blueprint of what could be done.