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Thread: Pummel April 2017 Ranked Matches

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    Lol I'm against Battlewraith again? Ok this time I won't suggest a topic choice.

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    zombiesplaychess- I was thinking The Boondocks Would be a fun topic to do this month. What say you!?
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    Just to be clear, these ranks are not official until the May thread goes up. Things could change before then, and even up through the check-in deadline.

    Still, there's nothing wrong with throwing out topics in advance.

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    Yeah that seems weird. Shouldn't josem be having a shot at the title?
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    Just to show how it's done, here are the preview ranks for May using the process I outlined in this post:

    These are the April ranks we start with:

    1 Dan3000 (3/0/0/1)
    2 Aabh (2/1/0/0) Win

    3 battlewraith (2/1/0/2)
    4 CrazyMobius (1/2/0/0)
    5 Josem (4/0/0/3) Win

    6 Jeloschi (2/1/0/2) Win
    7 Metsuke (2/1/0/0) Out

    8 Ellybobo (1/2/0/1) Win
    9 GullyFoyle (1/2/0/0)
    (!2) zombiesplaychess (0/0/0/0) CHALLENGER 2

    10 Diesel (0/3/0/0) Win/KO
    11 pell (2/2/0/0)

    12 MLaw (1/1/0/0) NoShow/Out
    13 Spiderguts (3/0/0/2) Win/KO
    (!3) Aaron2011 (0/0/0/0) CHALLENGER 3

    14 Hangman (0/3/0/0) Win/KO
    15 solanki (2/1/0/0)
    (!1) Andre-G (0/0/0/0) CHALLENGER 1

    16 Pete Tha Creep (1/3/0/1) Win
    17 Sedani (1/2/0/0)

    18 wender1 (2/2/0/1) Win
    19 Marcelino (1/1/1/0) NoShow/Out

    20 Seithe (2/0/0/1) Win/KO
    21 MetaAbe (1/1/0/0)

    22 JC Immortal (0/2/1/0)
    23 Juggertha (1/0/0/1) Win/KO/Out

    24 Symson (0/2/0/0) Win
    25 ReggieR3mote (0/1/0/0)

    ================================================== =========
    Transitional Ranks based on Win/Lose/Tie/Drops/Returns

    1 Aabh
    3 Dan3000
    4 Josem
    5 battlewraith, Jeloschi
    6 CrazyMobius
    7 Ellybobo
    9 Diesel
    11 GullyFoyle
    12 Spiderguts
    13 pell, Hangman
    15 Pete Tha Creep
    17 solanki, wender1
    19 Sedani, Seithe
    23 MetaAbe, Symson, Walril(returning)
    24 JC Immortal
    27 ReggieR3mote

    ================================================== =========
    Final Ranks after Tiebreakers, Losing Challengers and NoShows dropped to bottom,
    and Newjoins added:

    1 Aabh
    2 Dan3000

    3 Josem
    4 Jeloschi

    5 battlewraith
    6 CrazyMobius

    7 Ellybobo
    8 Diesel

    9 GullyFoyle
    10 Spiderguts

    11 pell
    12 Hangman

    13 Pete Tha Creep
    14 wender1

    15 solanki
    16 Seithe

    17 Sedani
    18 MetaAbe

    19 Symson
    20 Walril

    21 JC Immortal
    22 ReggieR3mote

    23 Andre-G
    24 zombiesplaychess

    25 Aaron2011
    26 skullone

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    In a 3 way match shouldn't the winner go up 3 spots instead of two? I was also under the impression i was going to fight Aabh, the system should always priviledge the guy coming up not the guy coming down, Dan3000 lost the match and he only droped one place, and he's fighting for the title again in a repeated match.
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    Actually, using your case as an example, you've already gotten a boost in the ranks by being part of the 3-way. If you had stayed in your original match, one or the other of CrazyMobius and battlewraith would have won their match, so only one would have dropped below you. In this case, since you won as part of a 3-way with them, both of them dropped below you.

    3-ways are meant to be exceptions rather than the rule, anyway.

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    Well 3 ways shouldn't be in the 3,4,5 slot then. Its not fair on the rank 5 person. I think avoiding the same match twice in as many months should be a priority.

    EDIT: Also Dan3000 lost the title match but gets to have a shot at it again? While battlewraith only had one shot. That ain't cool.
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    I don't have a dog in this fight anymore but saying that 3 ways are the exception not the rule.. right after adding a rule that makes 3 ways part of the rules (challenges) is perhaps.. inaccurate? Best of luck getting this sorted. I have always been confused by this part of PUMMEL.
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    3ways have always happened, there were even 3ways for champ titles. The system sets up one on one matches, if someone bows out, threeway, and last month we introduced the challenge system, which can also make threeways. But the difference there is the challenger doesnt even have a rank and the ranks dont change until after the fight. Josems situation here exists due to a slip up in the rank making and thus changed the ranks after they were set up. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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