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Thread: The Legend of the Crusaders, new kickstarter active now

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    The Legend of the Crusaders, new kickstarter active now

    Hello out there fellow writers,

    My name is Michael Watts and I have launched a kickstarter campaign to produce and market new my series The Legend of the Crusaders. The series is a sci-fi/fantasy series about a soldier from the planet Elysium who is charged with the task of assembling an army to protect the Galaxy against certain destruction.

    The link to my project is

    So go ahead take a look and check out the project. If you have a project of your own on kickstarter shoot me a message and maybe we can cross promote each others work.

    Also find me on social media




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    This is the forum for writers looking for feedback on their work. Unless you want us to critique the story you're teasing in your Kickstarter, the Bulletin Board would be a better place for this post.


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