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Thread: Before and After Penciljack (1 day)

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    Before and After Penciljack (1 day)

    So ive meandered away from Penciljack several times in the last decade. never lingering for long, and that was because for various reasons i wasnt as serious about my art as i would have liked to be. Well in the last year or so ive been focusing alot on it, and most recently as of the start of 2017.

    I forgot just what an amazing place Penciljack can be, i was up till 3:30 AM on a work night reading through old threads and critiques and it really got my juices pumping.

    Something had been bothering me about some lineart for a recent commission i had done, working on adding a character to a social media banner (that i had previously done) and that was an incredible lack of dynamic pose, some horrible decisions in using the duplicate and flip horizontal commands to create something horribly symmetrical.

    I became increasingly displeased with the product and looking through pencil jack I was incredibly inspired in what i needed to do.

    on the left was the first rendition, on the right the one i just finished.

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    But wasn't the first one extremely helpful when it came time to draw the 2nd?

    I really enjoy these, BTW. Nice linework.

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    If you want a dynamic pose you need to counter ballance the lines of head, shoulders, hips, feet. They are all parallel in your pieces, add some twist to the torso and chose a clear sillouette. I can read the design on the first one, not so much on the second.
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    Thanks nsterken, it did help abit, actually, especially because i was in no way familiar with the character.

    Josem, thanks for stopping in and dropping some feedback for me, some of that i had in my head when i started (mostly trying to counter balance shoulds and hips) but apparently when lining in i slipped back into some bad habits and I need to watch for that in the future. Some of it I hadn't put thought into (particularly) the silhouette and will try to give that the weight it needs in future situations!

    Thanks so much!


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