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Thread: RIP Bernie Wrightson

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    R.I.P. RIP Bernie Wrightson

    The world is a little less bright today, one of the titans of comic art has passed on.

    It's difficult to hold back the tears, Mr. Wrightson was one of the very first artists whose work jumped out and grabbed me by the throat.

    It was a pleasure to have met him and thanked him for his work, and to be alive at a time to witness his contributions to the medium.
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    So bummed. The man was a pure genius.
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    I think it would be better to say that the world will be a little less dark, he was one of the best horror illustrators of our time. Very sad.
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    Rest In Peace. One of my favourite artists.
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    I like this quote by Jesse Hamm this morning

    "What lives louder inside you will live louder on the page, and classic horror imagery lived louder inside Wrightson than anyone."
    I got to talk to Wrightson every year at the Indie con I would attend in Austin, and it was always a pleasure. Outstanding talent, and easly one of the top 10 illustrators that has worked in comics.
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    I will never forget the first time I saw that double page spread in Frankenstein. He will be greatly missed.

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    His artwork always left me speechless. What a great and lasting career he had, truly an inspiration.

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    Such an amazing artist. Him, Frazetta, Giger, and a few others who are fortunately still kicking are huge inspirations for me and his legend will live on through the marks he has made on the page and in the hearts of artists he has inspired. Sad sad news..
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    A master of the nib and brush, he knew how to work the ink. Little bit of a lesser world without him.

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    Guy with an axe standing between HEADS tied to a wooden fence. Miss-remembered them as FEET! I think it was in an interview that he said he wanted to draw feet.

    No one else could do it like that.
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