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Thread: Trinity #7 Cover- Batman Superman Wonder Woman

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    Coloring Trinity #7 Cover- Batman Superman Wonder Woman

    Hey all! I got to color this cover for Trinity #7, out today, for DC. Lines by Clay Mann.

    Feedback welcome!

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    Congrats, looks good
    "This is your game"


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    great work! especially on batman!

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    You've done a great job, the cold blue light over their faces is fantastic! Congrats!

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    Grats dude! The colors look great

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    This is a beautiful coloring job! Love the contrast between the colder background characters and the warmer foreground falling characters. Also love the glowing effect on the S

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    Not a big fan of halos, but given how small Wonder Woman is, it may be necessary here. Otherwise, great piece of art!

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    It has been a while, but I am glad I checked in. This looks great. I wasn't expecting different though.

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