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Thread: How do I learn to ink comics? (Books, Video Tutorials?)

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    How do I learn to ink comics? (Books, Video Tutorials?)

    I really would like to learn how to ink my characters and start learning how to make comics, I was wondering if there was any books or video tutorials on inking. My favorite comic book artists are Jim Lee, Todd Mcfarlane, and Greg Capullo.

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    Hey orionstarseed. Pleased to meet you, I just signed up here and came across this thread you posted. That's a really good question to ask, but to be honest it's really hard to answer with a simple straight answer.

    I've come to know a number of good artists during my time, all of them are great artists but they all had the one thing that made them great... uniqueness. All of them have their unique way of doing their artwork, and inking comics follows suit. It depends greatly on what is most comfortable to us fellow artists, what tools and materials we prefer to use and how to use them.

    Take me for example, I spend most of my time illustrating my work in a mixed media sort of way. I pencil and ink on paper, scan it into my computer, and color it digitally. I'm willing to learn new methods, but that original method is what I'm more comfortable with.

    The aspect that your asking for help shows your willing to learn, which is commendable, and your asking about books and videos also shows that your more intuitive, that your willing to learn from your own experience rather than strictly from another person. I applaud you for that because these are both signs that have what it takes to be a great artist.

    But in answer to your question, I'd look into books by Christopher Hart, and videos on youtube. Youtube is a great video resource for basically anything these days, type "inking" in the search bar once you there. I've seen videos ranging in methods such as the "Old-School-Brush" to "Dip Pens" and a great number of methods in between. But keep in mind as your watching and reading to one important thing, what are you more comfortable with.

    Just in case you wanted a sample of my work.

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