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    Lettering Comic book letterer

    Hi everyone! My name is Lucas Gattoni and I'm a graphic designer, typesetter and now comic book letterer.

    You can check some of my lettering jobs on my updated portfolio page here. I'm currently working freelance for a couple of independent publishers and a company called Red King Press. They've assigned me one of their main monthly titles (The Commander) and I just finished lettering its third issue. I also have several stories lettered for the upcoming issue of Red King Press, their anthology title.

    I do all lettering digitally, being able to provide ready-to-print digital files. I have a background on prepress managing, having worked in the field for over ten years. My rates start at 10 USD per interior page, depending of course on which particular requirements your project has.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    Lucas Gattoni

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    Come check my updated portfolio! There's some bada$$ art by the awesome Quan Chu!!!

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