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Thread: Medibang ( the portable manga studio)

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    Medibang ( the portable manga studio)

    This is a cool little app that works on tons of devices. Iphone, Android, Ipad, PC.

    Obviously not as good as manga studio, but I like it a lot.

    Its also free!
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    I'm actually using this app on the ipad pro for all my drawing at the moment. I'm selling my Cintiq Companion since I like the apple pencil better as a stylus, I like the ipad form factor better, and the battery life is much longer. So far, although getting the files in and out of IOS apps is more convoluted a process, I haven't really found anything I was doing in Manga Studio on my cintiq that I can't do on the ipad.

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    I really like how it has a lot of the features of MS, but the UI is a bit of a nightmare. I'll probably stick with Procreate on the iPad Pro, but it's good to know there are options.
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    I keep meaning to check out MediBang. What's the pressure sensitivity like? More like Photoshop/Manga Studio or more like ProCreate? I played around with ProCreate on the iPad Pro and the pressure is a little counter-intuitive.
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    just downloaded this and this is a fantastic software, works well with my old bamboo tablet

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    Sorry to necropost, but I just saw this thread and decided to download the app. I'm using it on my Galaxy Note phone; in place of Sketchbook Pro. I love it so far!

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