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Thread: Image Hosting Sites

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    Image Hosting Sites

    I've been here for a while, and I've always used Photobucket to host my images to show them here; if I do a drawing and want to display it here in a message post, I hotlink from Photobucket. Recently, I found another site called Imgur that is better for viewing from smart phones, and they give you the ability to set the image to private. This allows me to hotlink the image here, but the world at large can't view the original image at Imgur unless I allow them to, but people on this site can see it.

    I feel this is important, because if I'm working on a comic I plan on selling, I might need some critical feedback from people here as I work on it, and Photobucket would make it so anyone could look at it before I wanted them to.

    So is Imgur allowed here, and do other people here already use it?
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    image hosting website is a new free image hosting site. It allows various image formats, hotlinking and generates numerous codes to easily link to images. Try it.

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    Thank you for the sharing use full information..

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    image hosting

    The best site Iíve been using lately is ideal for all types of image. Allows me to store basically all my photos for free.


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