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Thread: A Community Project for Kelly Dale

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    I would be happy to contribute however I can. I'm not a publishing expert but have business experience and would be happy to do a piece for a tribute of some sort.

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    I'd love to help get things started.
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    I sent an email to Allison and Joe Peacock outlining what we would like to do and how to get the money to Kelly. I'll let you know when I hear back from someone.

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    Great, Manji, just keep us posted.

    I'm making the tribute thread in Community Projects right now, and I've asked Scott to make it a sticky. We can always edit it later, but for now I'm going to link the donations page that's already up, and let people choose how they want to contribute. If there is a better place to send funds at some point, we can add that info. And collecting the work for a benefit book is something we can worry about later on, if it seems like a good idea. Right now I think we just need a place where people can pay tribute and help out in whatever way they are able.

    Paul, help would be great. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but stay tuned, and maybe think about a creative contribution on the tribute thread. And share any ideas for making this work better; the basic idea is pretty simple, but most people probably know more about how to implement things like this than I do.

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    Any update on this? I'd prefer that it not fall off the page.

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    Short answer yes. I heard back and there will be a formal art call for Jeremy coming up. It may be artwork sales or (probably) a tribute book with all profits going to Kelly of course.

    Another thread has been started and there is already some great looking pieces being put together.


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