Just wanted to start the thread where we decide, as a community, what we are going to do for Kelly going forward. Jeremy Dale was a mentor to hundreds of us, in one form or another, and I would really like to have what I do myself for his wife be part of a group gesture. Jeremy was one of ours, and to me it feels right that we acknowledge that in how we pay our respect.

Many of you have seen the link to the donation page for Kelly, and have given to that fund already. In addition to paying for medical and funeral costs, I imagine that Kelly will have considerable financial need in general, especially in the short term. She and Jeremy were very much partners in the endeavor of self-publishing, which means that she has lost her business as well as her husband.

I just recently participated in the Sakai benefit project, and I think that something similar would be a great way to help Kelly out while paying the tribute and respect to Jeremy that we are all feeling the need to express. My idea was to create some artwork using Jeremy's characters, and "sell" it in exchange for a donation on the page I linked above. I might also "sell" hi-res versions for prints in exchange for a choose-your-own-amount donation; just something to keep the traffic flowing to that site. If others are interested in doing something similar, please chime in and let the rest of us know. We can promote each other's contributions and make the most of our community networks. Also, like in the Sakai project, we might generate enough material to make a nice tribute book, which could also serve to raise funds for Kelly. And if anyone has any different ideas, please share them here. Thanks all,