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Thread: A Sketchier Situation

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    A Sketchier Situation

    My main blog is called A Sketchy Situation so this will be A Sketchier Situation where I post the stuff no one ever sees and usually gets thrown out. Will probably mostly be anatomy practice (which I haven't been doing enough of lately) and maybe some process stuff. Shall try to update once a day.

    Anywhoo, here are some (mostly) female heads. Was trying to work out what my Harley Quinn would look like for that talent search thing. Ended up with the colored pic but was feeling like I was just polishing a turd with the colors so it's banished to the sketch dump.

    Also noticed I was beginning to have a go-to female face and that just won't do. Find it much harder to do an interesting and unique female face while still keeping them semi-attractive. For dudes I found if I keep the eyes at a realistic size you can do anything to their proportions without them looking overly cartoony. With females you want to exaggerate the eyes but then goes into super cartoony territory. I suppose a way around that is to do more realistic eyes. Something to test. Happiest with the third girl down on the left with what I was trying to accomplish.
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    Oh, this is great. I hope this means you'll be posting more often.
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    Thanks. Hopefully everyday.

    Here's this morning's practice.

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    Reminds me of Ryan Otley. Great stuff

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    Pencils for a commission recently did. Shall post the finished pic once my final colors are approved.

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    That is Nice D.C, Love your roughs, this is going to a stellar thread.
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    I love your style, great figure construction. I'll be stopping by.

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    Thanks guys.

    Here's the finished pic:

    And a Booster Gold comic I started a while ago that I'm now getting back to.

    Originally didn't plan to have any dialogue but changed my mind so a couple word balloons may end up being cramped on the second page. (I'm a bit further along than this scan.) Shall see how that goes.
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    Everything you do is stunning, did you study the crap out of anatomy? And how did you do it?
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