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Thread: Battlewraith Stuff

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    Battlewraith Stuff

    Hey guys,

    Trying to get in a better routine for drawing/painting stuff, so I thought I'd start posting stuff here. Comments and critiques welcome

    Here's a wip for the May PUMMEL challenge "How the World Ends."

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    I really dig that skin shine on the second one. Deep tones, and the color palate is awesome.

    I'm not loving the anatomy on the first guy as much. he's a bit of a mech, so that automatically makes judging hard, but hip/waist/chest twist seems off in places. Maybe too thin in the hip, and too much protrusion on the left (our right) rib side (?)

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    Thanks! Yeah the torso is wonky on the first one. Think I was focusing too much on the surface detail and got the underlying structure messed up.

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    Very interesting imagination.. I like your sharing...

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    nice work on these! love to see the process like this!

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    Poison Ivy for the weekly sketch group:

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