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    Art Projectors

    I know a lot of artist trace. Some use art projectors, like Drew Struzan and Travis Charest . I would like to give it a shot, to see if I can blend it into my future works. However what brand, or kind is the best? I have seen some as low as 60 some up to 3000. My budget is between 0-200, anybody out their using them, or have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'll assume you're talking comics. For $200 there's little out there better than a toy. I'd look for a used Artograph DB 400 which will probably run double your budget. These units start to distort towards the edges. Todays units max out around 6 inches for originals, the DB 400 allows for 11 inches or a 6x6 image distortion free. The new ones can't even hold a 1/2 sheet of 8.5x11. If you go new, look to those with stands that allow for downward projection. I find it easier to work around the projection when seated at the desk.

    Before you spend, Id try inkjet and lightbox first. Use Photoshop (or GIMP, it's free) to size the work, print it out and lightbox it (any window in the house will do) Personally, I enlarge thumbs or roughs, flop the image and print on the back of my Strath and then lightbox.

    Because my Epson uses 1 cartridge for 5 colors and goes "dry" when any one color runs out, I print these at 30%M 30%Y or light red to balance out all the pages I print in Cyan.

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    Thank you, Smitty I was also looking for stuff to do on walls as well. I did not find any Artograph DB 400's. Is the Artograph Prism with desk mount a good choice?

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    Like much of the cool analog equipment of yore, the DB 400 is long gone. That's a rant for another day. And before this gets hijacked with questions of ethics, let's assume astro knows stealing is bad, m'kay?

    If you're looking at a Prism, I'd look at the DesignMaster as well. The DM is less $ than the Prism, has greater enlargement (for murals and such) and includes a table stand that is a $125 option on the more expensive Prism. The only benefit I see to the Prism: it takes a slightly larger original. Yes, it also accepts the "SuperLens" but, cheaper to just get the SuperPrism instead.

    Personally, I'd have thought the Prism's dual 250 watt lamps would allow a larger projection over the DMs single 250. I'd imagine they provide a sharper image. Speaking of lamps, they've shifted to Halogens and I can't find a pic. Older units used medium based (standard house lamp socket) lamps. 250s from the camera store were preferred but they would happily take any 60, 100, 150, etc bulb you had in the house. This could be critical at 3 AM on deadline night. Are these Halogens something you can get at Home Depot or are they special order only? I notice they're rated at a mere 20 hours. I changed lamps on my overhead Goodkin (very similar to the DB 400) every few years.

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    LOL! Yes I am aware that stealing is bad. I am also looking into getting a Canon T3 ( I wish I could afford the T3i ) which would help me with not stealing, and the realism factor. I also wanted to blow up some of my own drawings, and try murals. Plus I saw a video Drew Struzen put out, and I wanted to try the technique he employs. Thanks again Smitty

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    I'm a big fan of Struzan and Charest as well...but I don't recommend buying a Super Prism. I'm sure if Travis and Drew had to do it all over again they would have purchased a Pico. Get yourself a Pico. Preferably one with a VGA connector on it...that way you can hook it up to your computer and any video devices. Pico projectors are very portable too..they can fit in your pocket! Look around online for a good one right around $200

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    Thanks savon599 ! I will check that out.

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    I hadn't realized these things had gotten so cheap. My concern would be for murals. Here's an article suggesting a 40"-60" image takes close to 300 lumens with most Picos in astro's price range coming in at 10-20 lumens. I got my old SharpVision up to 18 feet diagonal but, near as I can tell its rated near 1600 lumens.

    The good news is it's probably easier to test drive a variety of picos at a Best Buy or similar as opposed to finding a selection of projectors at the art supply. Think about how large you want to go and give one a test drive.

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