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Thread: When did movies that you have to "Turn Your Brain Off" for become popular?

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    Question When did movies that you have to "Turn Your Brain Off" for become popular?

    I noticed in a LOT of threads people say this. I'm guilty of it myself.

    but why is this okay? "popcorn flicks" and the like seem to fill seats, when did this become okay and why do we allow it?

    No one is asking for oscar bait every movie, but there is no excuse for a lot of films. - business up front!

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    Hmm, any examples of such movies?

    (was literally jsut going to ask examples? but...was to short of a message) New Deviant Account

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmario View Post
    I noticed in a LOT of threads people say this. I'm guilty of it myself.

    but why is this okay? "popcorn flicks" and the like seem to fill seats, when did this become okay and why do we allow it?

    No one is asking for oscar bait every movie, but there is no excuse for a lot of films.
    Are you seriously asking this? They've been popular since the first movie ever. Ever hear of "A Trip To the Moon"? Check it out:

    Viewers back then couldn't think too hard about that film as it had no real basis in any reality they understood. Same goes for movies like Commando. It's an idiotic action movie. So is the Transporter. That movie has one of the most idiotic premises ever (why the hell was the daughter in a duffel bag and why did they hire some guy to driver her over to the mansion full of goons that seemed to have LOTS of time on their hands?). Dude, they've been popular forever - maybe you're just in denial.
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    We allow it because not all movies need to move us intellectually to be good. I think that most of us on PJ are fairly intelligent people. That doesn't mean that all of our entertainment has to cater to that part of our personality. Sometimes we just want to go for a ride. That's not to say that we like idiotic cheese like most SyFy channel movies but we do enjoy a good popcorn munching flick from time to time. I think it's always been ok because it's always been that way. There's nothing thought provoking about "The Wolf-man", "The Thing" or any of the countless Jerry Lewis movies but we have always enjoyed those things because they are fun to watch. Personally, I do enough thinking in my day to day life and with the majority of my entertainment. Every once and a while I like to just sit back and let the movie take me in the direction it wants to go without me trying to analyze the darn thing to death. Besides, some people just sound like pretentious pricks when they try to get all artsy fartsy about a movie. Makes me want to slap that condescending smirk right off their faces.

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    I would posit that they're popular right now because we're having a hard time politically and economically as a society. When times are tough, people want to seek escapism that let's them escape. They don't want a message, they don't want complication, because their lives outside are bombarded with messages and complications.

    Now, that's not to say that there's no place for intelligent material that contains a message or encourages people to think. I'd argue that when times are toughest, that's when smart entertainment is needed most, but it may require you to be more subtle or eloquent in your creative efforts.

    But that's not a bad skill to learn anyhow. I'd say there's examples of this in the past, if you look at the popular entertainment of the 30's-40's, another period in our history where we were going through a lot of stress as a society, and that gave rise to pulps and genre fiction like sci-fi and fantasy (and superheroes!) which were seen as "stupid" by the critics of the time. And to be fair, a LOT of crap was produced back then, but there were kernels of genius as well.

    I've been thinking for a while that there's a lot of analogs between the publishing environments of the early 20th century and that of the 21st. They're not 1:1, but I think there's a lot to learn about what will be popular now and in the near future by looking at what (and why) certain types of stories were popular at that time. Serial fiction, especially.

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    People have always catered to the lowest common denominator. That's not gonna change

    Also, thinking too much during a movie lets the point of a movie slip by you (through overanalyzation of the plot and characters and themes, most of which ends up getting polluted by putting it through a filter of your own opinion of it, thereby still losing the point of the movie, even if you paid attention to it all), along with a lot of the shit that was in the movie, so being able to turn it off, or dim it or whatever, is kind of important if you really wanna appreciate it.

    It's not like watching stupid shit's some bad thing, either. The ending of the original Berserk anime ****ed me up for a while after I watched it (in a good way, but it still ****ed me up). As did a lot of other great movies and shit I've seen and read. Not wanting to go through that whenever you just wanna watch something, or the equivalent of reading or listening to something or whatever, isn't a bad thing.

    Also, the people putting the money forward throwing their 20-30 unartistic opinions about the project tend to **** it up.

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    I'm all for popcorn movies-it's nice to turn the brain off for a bit. My favorite ones to do this with are the resident evil flicks-pretty horrible movies, but for whatever reason I love 'em.

    What I HATE, however, is when a film thatis supposed to engage me asks me to turn my brain off for a few key scenes. For me this was The Dark Knight Rises. Don't get me wrong, great movie, but a few scenes were just blatantly far fetched (I know, it's a comic movie) or seemed less-than-well-thought out.

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    The Evil Dead trilogy just came to mind. They aren't very good in terms of "intelligent" films but they sure are fun to watch.

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    I really like martial arts flicks. Most have downright retarded plots but the choreography involved is extremely intricate. And yet, I believe most of the films I like would be considered popcorn movies. Don't down a movie simply because you don't feel it meets your standards. There are many different reasons why people like the movies they like. Regardless of if they are intellectual films or not.


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