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Thread: PRM LW's Reggie vs AJ - MoonKnight

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    PRM LW's Reggie vs AJ - MoonKnight

    Round 4 Between RR+Karp and it looks like both came to fight tonight folks
    In the MOON corner we have AjKarp:

    and in the Knight corner we have ReggieR3mote

    alright boys lets keep this a clean fight no pencils below the belt, no ink in yer gloves, and no drawing past the bell...
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    LOL thanks Reg!
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    No prob Karp, your figure work is really coming around man. They're loosening up less stiff more natural good work buddy.
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    On one hand, I like both of these for different reasons. AJ's has a bit of action and is a more complete piece, while RR's is clean with some nice figure work. I like the composition of both pieces equally. However, I feel both artists could have done better. AJ needs a bit of work on his figures (MK's extended arm really bothers me), and RR's background is rather underwhelming. The moon looks great, but i almost feel the buildings hurt the piece more than help it.

    I'm gonna wait a day or so before voting, I need to think about this one...
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    Cool work on both pieces. It was close but I went with AjKarp for a more complete presentation (although I think I like Reggies character design better).

    Keep it up guys. Good work!

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    AJ, really nice work on the composition, but man, I really wish you would tighten up on some of the details. The anatomy and faces go a bit beyond stylistic choice.

    RR, I like the anatomy and stylistic choice, but the whole piece really lacks impact. I think you skimped far too much on the background details... Namely, that gradient he's standing on.

    Tough call on this one as I like them both for very different reasons.
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    man oh man oh man goodstuff good stuff

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    seriously after having to fight so many times already i'm starting to think we're gonna be trying to kick each other's asses until we're graduating from the HW ranks.
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