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Thread: Luther Strode

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    Enjoyed this series immensely. I felt like, for a somewhat similar story, it was so much more successful than a book like Kick-Ass. Obviously Kick-Ass didn't actually have powers, but I still got the same vibe from the teenage-hero protagonist and the hyper-violence.

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    If I would have read this before reading Kick-Ass (or anything else by Mark Millar) I would have liked it alot more. The death of his friend and mom would have felt really impactful and less...not cliche, but almost normal? Also, the death of his mom being his Neo moment was also less awesome because it felt so familiar.

    Art is GREAT, get this kid on a Body Bags remake or something. About the end, I knew that was coming since that dude tied up in chains in the beginning never showed up anywhere else, I was thinking "what's the deal with him?" Epecting him to be something like luthers real dad or whatever.
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