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Thread: Manga Studio/Intuos set up

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    Manga Studio/Intuos set up

    Just got Manga Studio and Im trying to set up my wacom so I can use it with MS.

    So far I got the touch strips to do what I want: one to zomm in/out and the other to increase/decrease brush stroke size.

    I havent been able to get the eraser on my pen to work. It just acts the same as the pen end. Whats up with that?

    Any suggestions as to what to assign to the shortcut buttons?
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    Personally, I've never found the shortcut buttons on the Wacom to be much use, since I always have one hand on the keyboard anyway. But you're probably best leaving them close to how they are, so you'll have the pan and rotate abilities close at hand with <space> and <space+shift>.

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    Heh.. on the same note, I almost never use the eraser on the pen... I keep my fingers near the 4/5/6 keys while drawing, which switch your drawing color from black to white or transparent. So if I need to erase, I either use the eraser (E) or I switch to drawing with transparency (6), which amounts to the same thing but gives me the fine control of the pen tip.

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