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  • Thanks for Your Support!

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    It's been a long time coming, but we wanted to offer a hearty "Thank You!" to those generous and gracious members who supported Penciljack.com in the server move earlier this year. Thanks to your donations, we've all enjoyed dramatically increased site stability.

    As promised, everyone who donated to support the server move has been rewarded by being moved to a new [SUPPORTER] user group, which allows for the following upgrades:

    • Maximum Private Messages increased from 50 to 150
    • Maximum Profile Picture size increased to 175x175 pixels
    • Maximum Avatar Size increased to 100x100 pixels
    • Profile Pictures and Avatars may now be animated

    Thanks again, folks!
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. bindlestitch's Avatar
      bindlestitch -
      Awesome, man. Can we still become a supporter?
    1. penciljack's Avatar
      penciljack -
      Not sure we're going to add more users to the Supporters role, necessarily, but it's possible. The plan at the moment is to introduce a couple of new groups with similar benefits.
    1. bindlestitch's Avatar
      bindlestitch -
      Sounds great, Terry. I look forward to helping out if I can.
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