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  1. Juggernaut Pummel

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    Just bring the house down. Give him some forward thrust, opposite limbs rule.
    Josem FTW! But, let's take it one step further...

    🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
    🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
    🎶Take Juggy's little hand and go like this...

    Just as we have three planes in perspective (background, midground, foreground) We have
  2. Collected Chris2.0

    Taking a cue from Zepster - will list all my PJ writing contest entries here...

    Writing Contest #112 - Dystopia

    Writing Contest #111 - Risk vs Reward

    Writing Contest #110 - Masks

    Writing Contest #89 - Sidekick

    writing Contest #88 - Fear

    Writing Contest #87 - Create An Iconic Character

    Writing Contest #84: Drugs

    Writing Contest 83: Snow

    Writing Contest 82: Laundromat ! ...

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  3. The Batmobile

    Like most fans my age, my first batmobile was the one featured in the Batman show starring Adam West. Like most fans my age, that batmobile, along with that show, were quickly discarded because I was both too old and too young to appreciate them.
    Too old because I was an 11-year-old kid from El Salvador when I finally saw the show which meant that I had already seen cartoons like Mazinger Z and Battle of the Planets in their uncut versions. Not to mention that I had already read the Kraven's ...
  4. Weekly Sketch Group 420

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    first time drawing her...

  5. Commie Zombies From Outer Space

    "Because... I've seen it."

    Today I finished the script for Commie Zombies From Outer Space. It has been a four year journey of sneaking moments away from my every day life to write a page or two here or there. It was mostly written after I ate lunch during the most volatile relationship I've ever had... my job. The time that I spent writing this script was fun and tedious and arduous during those moments that I would just stare at the page having no idea what was going ...
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