1. Bristol Comics Expo - May 14th & 15th 2011

    I had a table at the Bristol Con at the weekend. Its the first time I'd been to this particular con as an exhibitor -- and I found it pretty bloody disappointing.

    Instead of being set in one, large hall - this con was arranged in various rooms - across 2 separate hotels that were 4 or 5 minutes apart. So, not a good set-up to start with.

    I had been very happy with the fact that I'd been able to nip in and book the very last table on offer at the event -- but it ...
  2. Doh!

    no laptop at home + too busy to do anything else means I'm gonna have to photograph my pummel entry with my iPhone (which will suck heavily) and upload to photobucket. It's gonna be really shitty quality :-(