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    Completed Comics

    Sequential Mania 6: Slice of Life/Horror
    Drawn by Veritas71, Colored by Battlewraith: read the finished work here.

    5-page Scripts

    January Sequential Mania: Superhero/Sci Fi

    November Sequential Mania: ...

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  2. A New Superman Drawing: Should I Continue?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by yomark View Post
    Shiny gold star on the forehead for you! Best one yet. Eyes are bit wonky, the left one is especially misaligned but, this is a great improvement.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyDiamond View Post
    How do you of that? I'd like to know. How to implement improvements permanently?
    Easy. Same way he did it this time. Simplify. Trees, bad. Forest, good.

    Quote Originally Posted by yomark View Post

    That same book contains what
  3. The Goon

  4. Spidey Maraca's!

  5. Just a gesture drawing to get me back into the swing of things.

    A quick gesture drawing of two dudes about to tee off on one another. 1min.

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