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08-30-2003, 02:16 PM
Ok, quick question.
Buddy is trying to start a webcomic, he's actually pretty good. I'm the one with the computer, but whenever I scan his work there are marks and the paper is almost totally grey, not to mention a slew of other faults. Im scanning on greyscale, so it's probably picking up all that stuff right? I can't figure out how im supposed to scan it, because in color it makes the paper look yellowish, and in black and white his inks look all jagged. Any ideas?

JIC it'll help.....
He does the comics on legal sized xerox paper with the template made in msword 2000. Inks with stadetler pen thingies. Yeah.

Baloodoo Bill
08-30-2003, 06:31 PM
After scanning in Grayscale, use Levels (in PhotoShop- command+L or Image/Adjust/Levels) move the outside buttons inwards until your image appears to be Black and White. Follow with the Threshold window (command +T or Image/Map/Threshold) with will convert any stray pixels. Convert to Bitmap mode.

If your scanner software supports it, you may be able to set White Point and Black Point. Prior to scanning, set the White Point on the darkest area of the paper, set the Black Point on the lightest area of ink. You'll still need to do Levels and Threshold but, the resulting scan will be near Bitmap in comparison to what your getting now.