View Full Version : Painter 6 vs Painter 7 watercolour problems...

04-15-2003, 07:57 PM
Alright I've been messing around with my old painters and I'm really betting this is an old topic because of the way Painter 7 controls watercolours. It seems that with Painter 6 I can paint over my line art no problem with the watercolour brushes, but even attempting so in Painter 7 leaves horrible results. Seems like Painter 7 is very unforgiving when it comes to watercolours because if I try putting a different color on top of a color thats already there the outcome is either to dark or just black. While with Painter 6 coloring over a previous watercolour is just like painting any other way.

So I suppose my question is... should I just run with Painter 6 or is there a way to correct the problems I'm having with Painter 7? Thanks for the help.