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04-06-2003, 10:37 PM
As the title states, I'm looking for a new computer. Hopefully, this one will be able to stick with me throughout (part of) college, but I'm not really sure what to look for. I've heard Macs are ideal for people getting into graphic jobs and whatnot, but they're just too expensive for my mom. She probably won't want to spend more than $700-800. Any suggestions on what I should look for? What to avoid? Thanks ahead of time.

Stark Raving
04-07-2003, 09:23 PM
One word: DELL.

I bought my system from them about 3 months ago, and it ROCKS. .:cool: .:cool:

They also have less expensive reconditioned systems.
Check it out.

04-08-2003, 07:55 AM
Don't pay too much for a Dell, though! I'm a huge advocate of "friends that know enough about computers to help you build one" because when I needed a computer, they helped me out and my initial rig only cost like $500 and was pretty good. The monitor, of course, may be the most costly single item. If you have a Fry's around, check them out and ask questions galore.

Chris Piers
04-08-2003, 01:39 PM
My Dell is great and I got it for a great price but if you get a Sony VAIO desktop, you can burn your own DVDs. Wheee!

Tony Moore
04-10-2003, 04:32 AM
a lotta people vouch for the Dells, and i'd be hard pressed to say anything bad about 'em myself.

you'll definitely get more bang for your buck with a PC.
i just price checked all the parts for a system i plan to build, and literally, it's twice the machine you could get from a retail chain, for a little over a grand. for what your mom's willing to drop, you could get a pretty snazzy machine, also.

if you're not into the construction of a machine, and don't really know anyone who is, i recommend a Dell package. Awesome tech support, and a good machine for your money.

whatever new system you get will likely have a good processor, so just make sure you get as much RAM as you can. like at least half a gig, or better if you can afford it. once you start stacking on the layers in photoshop, you'll be glad you did.

Macs are hailed as the industry standard for artists, but honestly there's nothing they can do that a PC can't. Learn the Adobe software, and you'll pretty much be able to work comfortably on either platform.

as for DVD burners, they're coming down in price, and you can get one for whatever machine you buy. within a year, they'll be even faster and cheaper.


04-10-2003, 08:14 PM
Thanks, everyone. Hopefully, I'll be getting a new Dell within the next 2 weeks.

04-13-2003, 02:49 AM
I'm on my sixth computer right now. It's a Mac. and it's wonderful.

I've had 5 PC's in the last 7 years. My little iBook is the first one to last over a year without me wanting to throw it out onto the highway. I've done the bargain bin PC's, I've done the build'em yourself AMD Athlon machines, and yes, I've done the Top O' the Line DELL's.

Every time I bought a PC, I somehow regretted not buying a mac. Like I was doing the wrong thing. But again, I let the price factor do my shopping for me. Finally I gave in and did it.

Within 2 weeks Apple will be announcing new iBooks. wait till then and grab one. You won't be sorry. I'm on a 12" 600MHz. The new iBook's will be in a 900MHz. and probably run you about $1,300.

Some things are definitely worth the extra money. Baseball seats closer to the infield, Brand Name Car Tires, and Apple Computers.

There, I said it. Now go buy a Dell like countless others who really don't know better. Years from now you just might say, "I should have listened to you" and I'll say, "yeah...you're right."

Tony Moore
04-13-2003, 04:16 AM
well, everyone roots for their own, i guess.

sorry you've had such bad luck with your PCs, man.
personally, i've been on the same PC for over 6 years, and the only trouble i've had was when an electrical surge fried a hard drive, and when i personally messed it up trying to add a slave drive that i didn't know had gotten messed up, both of which i shoulder total blame for. Other than that, basically, the only reason i'm getting a new one is simply because this one's over 6 years old, and isn't upgradable any further, and the motherboard can't hold any more ram to optimally support newer high-end graphics programs. She served me well for years, but these days, she's just batting out of her league.

personally, i like the PC price, and i've yet to get a lemon that the die-hard Mac users claim they've gotten by the dozen.

So there you have it. cases well stated for both sides. Do what you will... actually, i guess you already have.