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  1. Christian comic creators, come here!
  2. New Trinity Comics Message Forum
  3. little somethings from the Cadre Corner
  4. 'Zines, 'zines and more 'zines.
  5. [Hype!] DEAD LETTERS: The Magazine of the Zombie Apocalypse
  6. Birthday greetings to... cabralsoth and turnbolt
  7. Artists Wanted for Pencil & Paper Role-Playing Game
  8. WANTED: Comic Book penciler/sketch artist
  9. Comic Art Commissions - <--- for artists, for buyers
  10. Columbus Roll Call
  11. Collaboration with artist wanted
  12. Colorist needed for Preview Book
  13. colorist needed - paid
  14. Published Author Seeks Collaboration!
  15. Why Are These People In Charge Of Everything, Anyway?
  16. Golden Mini Contest
  17. In The Hall Of The Mountain Kings Project
  18. Morbid Myths Volume 1 on shelves now!
  19. Happy birthday, NATE LOVETT!
  20. Sullenearth Ashcan
  21. Hellgirl pin-up book for WizardWorld Chicago
  22. I Sure Hope They're On Our Side!!
  23. Please forward- A message about Reynard City (aka my life's work)
  24. 200 Action Figures For Sale!!!
  25. Neil Kleid's ACTION, OHIO at Zuda
  26. Colorist needed!
  27. Need Inker, Vector Tracer, Colorist and Flatter for Image Comics Pitch (Paid)
  28. Colorist needed for online projects
  29. Illustrators/Inkers needed for online projects
  30. We Need Our Morning Coffee, Don't We?
  31. Uggabugga.net Esteban Logo contest
  32. Graduation from College
  33. Pin Up Artists Wanted (PAYING POSITIONS!)
  34. Vote Golden at Zuda.com
  35. Trench coats, Cigarettes & Shotguns#1 Is HERE
  36. Artist Wanted
  37. Some Folks Just Like To Watch!!
  38. Get Wasted!
  39. Coming soon! Graphic Novel
  40. My new GI JOE site!
  41. Red Can needs you!
  42. Wizard World Chicago -- Free Sketches!!
  43. Writer seeking artists for collaboration...script ready to go
  44. He's Checking Out The Bloomers!
  45. Artist wanted for horror anthology submission
  46. Help needed: 3-D comics!
  47. powwkipsie
  48. powwkipsie
  49. Powwkipsie
  50. Are Dumb People Happier Than Smart People?
  51. GUNSLINGERS is now available
  52. 6 pages wanted for re-launch of monthly title
  53. Inkwell Awards ends May 31st.
  54. Eon Comic Art Boards: We got a thank you card from a customer.
  55. The New-gen Art Contest
  56. Some Guys Are Just In It Fore The Chicks!
  57. 803Studios's Sequential Suicide & Trench Coats #1 in the Westfield Catalogue
  58. Vote for IN-FLIGHT SERVICE at Small Press Idol
  59. Vote for Neil Kleid's ACTION, OHIO at www.zudacomics.com!
  60. Let's go to UTAH! #4 now available to buy!
  61. With Great HOTNESS comes Great Responsibility!
  62. Vote for SPUD in Small Press Idol, Round 3
  63. Johnny Saturn Graphic Novel Now On Amazon.Com
  64. Untelevised (new webcomic)
  65. Some Women Say All Men Are Pigs.....
  66. Response to James2
  67. WOWIO: Abigail & Rox #1
  68. Comicbook creating workshop this summer!!!!
  69. Shamrock: Origins -- Small Press Idol
  70. Looking For Graphic Novel & Web Comic Submissions
  71. HellBoy Sanchez Stle
  72. Reynard City 50p/$1 Prize Draw
  73. Some Guys Are Just Poor "Marriage Material"!
  74. Paradise Lost Artist Spotlight - NOW LIVE
  75. Looking fro colorist
  76. Where is the "begging" room located?
  77. CHANGE ORDER - Action, Action, and More Action
  78. Writing Contest #40 is up
  79. Spud Coloring Competition with CASH Prizes!
  80. I need a comic book artist...
  81. PAID - Dependable Illustrator Needed
  82. Writer making a submission package, artist wanted (PAID + Back-end compensation)
  83. Check out Spent Pencil Comics new blog!
  84. Spent Pencil Comics
  85. New here =D
  86. Creative Team seeks pencils/inks
  87. Shirts are up now!!!
  88. Urban Kleding buisness Plan
  89. Shadow-Planet now seeking creators.
  90. Seeking realism/photorealism artist for political sci-fi comic (UNPAID)
  91. Anyone interested in working on Iron Gent?
  92. Updated Spent Pencils Blogspot Website (Hot girl on it!)
  93. Geek-Girl version 2.0
  94. Reality Man is here!
  95. Another "Writer Seeking Artist" for Pitch Thread
  96. Many Folks Feel The Need For Extra Security!
  97. New writer looking for an artist.
  98. Updated comic trailer for project I did some inks for...
  99. 36 hours left to make SPUD #1
  100. Earth Dragons Artist?
  101. Looking for an Alternative Style Artist - Paid Work
  102. Retroburner, the Loston Wallace 2008 Sketchbook!
  103. ARTISTS: Looking for pinups/single illos. for ZOMBIE comic...
  104. Hello: I'm looking for a penciler/inker
  105. Artist wanted!
  106. The Sun On Your Face, The Wind In Your Hair!!
  107. Broken Gods: Space pirates, evil empires, swashbuckling, Oh my!
  108. Test Art from Graphic Novel
  109. The Perfect Pet (first post here)
  110. American Terror Vol. 1 In Stores Now
  111. Television Zombies contest. Win a Prize Pack!
  112. Artists (plural) required for art driven Samurai Shorts
  113. Allison and the Insomniac 2
  114. War Heroes Cover Contest!!
  115. Seeking artist for Wowio-published comic
  116. Colorist wanted for Reynard City
  117. Looking for Art Team for Charity Comic
  118. Birth Defects! Some Can Be Corrected Very Easily. Others, well ...
  119. Let's go to UTAH! issues 1-4 now available!
  120. Comic Book Trailers.com
  121. Summer Project
  122. Storyboard Artist Needed
  123. Artist Needed for 'American Ghosts' Graphic Novel
  124. paying gig, artist needed NOW
  125. Politicians Are All The Same In This Way!
  126. Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder...
  127. Attn. New Jersey Board members
  128. I NEED a colourist NOW!!
  129. New Eon Comic Art Boards products...
  130. WAR HEROES COVER CONTEST, (Round two) by Marc...
  131. Artist wanted for Negative Burn submission
  132. The Eldritch Adventures Of Becky Sharp -- Now Available!
  133. Happy Fun Time!
  134. Adventures in Graphite!
  135. Everyone Gets Their Just Desserts!!!
  136. WIZARD/WAR HEROES COVER CONTEST!. I’m in the last round! Please vote for my artwork!
  137. Writer looking for sci-fi artist - PAID
  138. Comic Couch Podcast Thread
  139. Wizard Cover Contest rigged Need your HELP
  140. The Animal Rights People Are Having Fits About These!
  141. Celtix: freeware comic book screenwriting program!
  142. Looking for Artists for Comic Prints
  143. Colorist needed - 8 pages, paying work
  144. My first published work is out today
  145. Need help with Artwork.
  146. Need artist for 4 to 6 issue mini
  147. Official launch of Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol 2: The Voyageurs
  148. Central Florida Artist Group
  149. American Manga Artist Wanted for to-be-Published mini-series!
  150. Artist needed to help create funnybooks
  151. We Can All Use A Good Laugh Now And Then!
  152. My website relaunch
  153. XcapeCON to Rocks Mich-Again!!!
  154. Super plumber
  155. Working Man Design Can Help Your Comic Stand Out!
  156. The return of Negative Burn!
  157. BECKY SHARP-Now on Amazon!
  158. Writer Looking for an Artist
  159. Need writer for power ranger ripoff
  160. Mira, Mistress of Destiny
  161. Seeking Colorist - Paying gig
  162. Mira -- Maya Shaman
  163. It's like The Goonies--With Aliens and Army Guys!!!
  164. Looking for Lettering Work!
  165. Need art supplies?
  166. HOPE: The HERO Initiative
  167. Looking for an awesome artist... or decent...
  168. Visit IMPACT at San Diego Comic-Con
  169. Very Cool Zombie Book!
  170. TORONTO COMICON, Therefore Repent! trailer, & Tori Amos's Comic Book Tattoo
  171. Raisin Burn
  172. I Just Hate When This Happens!!
  173. Your feedback wanted on Reynard City: Volume 1
  174. Free Comic
  175. Could This Be A New "Green" Campaign??
  176. Need an artist's help.
  177. Looking for people for creative team
  178. Help Spud WIN SMall PRess Idol 2008
  179. TRINE - PART II Released!
  180. Ever Wonder How Politicians See The Taxpayers?
  181. New Comic Convention
  182. Writing Contest #41 has started
  183. 2 New ROMBIE strips in Alors, Et Toi?
  184. Seeking Comic Book Colorist For Asian War Story
  185. Art Contest with prizes for Savage Dragon
  187. Are you an expert Web-Designer?
  188. Music! You Can See The Music Play!
  189. petition for heath ledger nomination
  190. Looking for short comic book story - Attention Writers!
  191. Seeking penciler for Wowio Published Comic
  192. CYMK conversion...?
  193. Image Comics is "Devoid of Life"
  194. Inkers and Colorists needed for ASJ41 (no pay)
  195. The Adventures of Spud #0 on sale now!
  196. Anybody want to buy a PSP and some games?
  197. Looking for Artist for submission
  198. Comics and Drawing Tutorials and How To's
  199. My New Website
  200. Hello all
  201. Is Running Actually A Good Cardiovascular Exercise??
  202. Photo reference for comic artists
  203. In search of...
  204. Flatter Available
  205. Another new guy
  206. It's like "The Wonder Years"--In the Twilight Zone!!!
  207. Television Zombies call-in show
  208. Penciler Needed...
  209. I wanna work on something cartoony
  210. New Sketch Magazine Art Contest: Blood and Roses
  211. What do you want to draw?
  212. It's Happening Again!!
  213. Calling all artists! Calling all artists!
  214. Cock of the Walk Comics - The Beginning
  215. Logo designer with comic-book experience...
  216. Tales from the Crypt #7
  217. Looking for talent for a web magazine of short comics
  218. Let's go to UTAH! #5 now available!
  219. New EON 9x14 Comic Art Boards
  220. What's With All This Potty Humor??
  221. J.p.p. Wants You...
  222. Call for Artists: “Angels Among Us” online art show
  223. AO-Maru Graphic Novel -- Writer Needed.
  224. Artist's sketches
  225. Morganza Sketch Book 2008!!!
  226. Big JOHNNY SATURN Event!
  227. WHO'S THE HOTTEST X-BABE? plus Small Press Idol '08 Final Day!
  228. Submit your completed comic strip to issue four of krazybov comics
  229. IDW Announces Pirat Tales And Pop! Darlings Of America
  230. Absence Notification (Not An Ad)
  231. Looking for an upcoming wanting experience...
  232. Story proposal
  233. MechTechs.Tv - American Manga-Mecha
  234. Need colorist and letterer for 3 page sample, pay negotiable
  235. Zuda COMIC needs help
  236. Looking for artist to collaborate on new OGN
  237. Open call for an artist...
  238. What The Heck ARE Those Things??
  239. Comic Book Lettering & Logos You Can Afford!!!
  240. A new type of webcomic: "open source"
  241. Now online on www.INKplosion.com: Faster than Fiction II – Crime Stories
  242. TRINE - PART III Begins!
  243. The Night Owls
  244. 3!LL original art on e-bay.
  245. In need of artists for Virtual Continuations of G1 Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoons
  246. "You-NiqueCartoons" up and running
  247. Even Politicians Can Get Confused!!
  248. Blog art work....
  249. Summer Commission swap
  250. Illustrator , Hello everyone