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  1. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Blowout Auction
  2. [Wanted] Editirs/Marketers/Writers/Accountants Needed
  3. [Wanted ($)] Seeking comics writers for sci-fi anthology
  4. [Wanted] Looking for a writer/artist to help with formatting as well
  5. [Hype!] First Short Form Comic
  6. [Looking for Work] Professional comic artist available
  7. [Wanted ($)] Artist Wanted ($80 per inked page)
  8. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks
  9. [Hype!] The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes!!!
  10. [Looking for Work] Experienced Comic LETTERER for Hire
  11. [Wanted ($)] COVER ARTIST Wanted for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  12. [Wanted ($)] Ongoing comic needs a colorist
  13. [Looking for Work] Mike Harrington: Comic Book Artist...
  14. Artist needed...
  15. [Looking for Work] Comic book artist looking for paid jobs.
  16. [Looking for Work] Comic Artist Looking For Some New Gigs!
  17. [Hype!] Gunnveig's Saga
  18. [Hype!] The Supers 3rd Best Super Hero Team - Indiegogo comic campaign
  19. [Hype!] Kingdom Bum #1 available for pre-order! Action Lab Comics.
  20. [Hype!] NCBD from Will Lill Comics
  21. [Wanted] Artist or Writer who will start out as an editor for Christian Projects
  22. [Wanted] Writers/Artists to start as editors
  23. [Hype!] Extrasensory Issue 1 Now Available
  24. [Hype!] Wanderlust Blues- Post-Apocalyptic/Horror Comic
  25. [Looking for Work] Pencils,Inks,Colors
  26. [Wanted] Writer looking for short story artist (4 pages)
  27. [Wanted] Looking for an artist to work on an 8 page sci fi western
  28. [Wanted ($)] Letterer for 26 Page Comic - $10 per page
  29. [Looking for Work] Need an editor? Will work for free!
  30. [Wanted] Colorist needed for Fantasy Book
  31. [Hype!] KANU'S TREK issue #1 is available for download!
  32. [Wanted] ARTIST looking for work
  33. ZompireWolf
  34. [Looking for Work] Illustrator for hire Nick Valente
  35. [Hype!] Free Halloween Digital Comics at the Free Comic Book Day Facebook Group!
  36. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards All New Auctions
  37. [Looking for Work] Professional and competitive flatter available
  38. [Hype!] Kollectas!!! The comic!
  39. [Looking for Work] Digital colorist looking for new jobs or project
  40. [Looking for Work] Do you need a professional flatter? Here I am!
  41. [Wanted] Looking for writers who would start out in other positions
  42. Sketch Cards
  43. [Hype!] Getting published!/On Czech national television talking about my webcomic!
  44. [Hype!] New Release from Will Lill Comics
  45. [For Sale] Famine Dead
  46. [Hype!] Campaigners graphic novel Kickstarter now live!
  47. [Hype!] Project: War Intelligence
  48. [Wanted ($)] Editor needed for single arc 6 edition comic run. Possible future work also
  49. [Notice] “Portraits” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline Decmeber 31, 2015
  50. [Looking for Work] Professional Comic Book Letterer Looking For Work
  51. [Hype!] The Almighties Amass!
  52. [Hype!] Shake The Lake - An Action Sports Graphic Novel
  53. my comics artwork
  54. [Looking for Work] Pencils,Inks,Colors
  55. [Hype!] 2 DAYS LEFT!!! The Man With Ten Thousand Eyes!!!!
  56. [Wanted ($)] Artist looking for work.
  57. [Hype!] Dark Plague of the Bubonic Kenshi is halfway funded!
  58. [Hype!] hadesillustrations (Alex Williamson) Patreon page is up!
  59. [Looking for Work] Colorist looking for paid work
  60. [Hype!] DriveThru Comics Deal of the Day
  61. Kanu's Trek #1 Sequentials (Free Preview)
  62. [Hype!] (Free Preview) Kanu's Trek issue #1 ia Available
  63. [Hype!] Kollectas Kickstarter Live!
  64. [Wanted ($)] Looking for Artist
  65. [Looking for Work] Sequential Artist Looking for Paid Work
  66. [Looking for Work] Pro letterer available - $10/page
  67. [Looking for Work] Artist
  68. [Wanted] Artists Needed for series (publisher attached)
  69. [Hype!] Debut Comicbook
  70. [Wanted] Published writer seeking MORE artists
  71. [Hype!] Contest! Free colors on your lineart for 1st prize
  72. [Hype!] First issue free of my new horror/war comic Revolting! Please give it a look.
  73. [Wanted] looking for an artist
  74. [Hype!] Dawn of the Undead now live on Comixology!
  75. [Hype!] Second issue of my comic "disunity" NOW AVAILABLE!
  76. [Looking for Work] Looking for Work
  77. Guy & the red headed devil!
  78. [Hype!] Free Comic Book Day Facebook Group
  79. [Wanted ($)] Iron Circus Comics: Open Call For GN Scripts & Webcomic Collections
  80. [Looking for Work] Artist Looking for Longterm Webcomic/Comic Work
  81. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Year End Auction
  82. [Hype!] PATREON: My creator-owned comic SOVEREIGN
  83. Adventure Comics and Awesome Guides
  84. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks/Pin-ups $50-100
  85. [Looking for Work] Artist on the Hustle
  86. [Wanted] Artists Needed (Letterers, Pencilers, Inkers, Colorists)
  87. [Wanted] Writers Needed that will start in other positions
  88. [Looking for Work] Comic Artist and colorist looking for work
  89. [Wanted] Anthology that pays
  90. [Wanted] Looking for an artist for a short story
  91. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Final Auction 2015
  92. [Looking for Work] Artist looking for work.
  93. [Wanted ($)] Inker/Colorist needed for graphic novel
  94. [Looking for Work] Pin-Up/Illustrator
  95. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks/Pin-ups
  96. [Wanted] Artist Wanted for Alice in wonderland Noir Comic
  97. [Wanted] Help a comic book club’s Christmas party!
  98. [Notice] Looking to promote your book?
  99. [Hype!] New Spying with Lana Uncut E-book on Sale: The Morning After!
  100. [Wanted] Pencilist wanted
  101. [Looking for Work] FAST and PRODUCTIVE comic flatter
  102. [Hype!] Life-Time Issue 1 availble
  103. [Looking for Work] Artist looking for a new project.
  104. [Hype!] WAR INTELLIGENCE onsale now!
  105. [Wanted] Looking to collaborate with an artist
  106. [Wanted] Adamant needs an artist!
  107. I got paid to color Neal Adams.
  108. [Looking for Work] FAST and PRODUCTIVE Comic flatter AVAILABLE
  109. A little Star Wars fashion
  110. A New Kind Of Graphic Novel? - Pages for critique
  111. [Looking for Work] Comic artist available for pin-ups/cover/comic
  112. Cintiq alternatives from Bosto
  113. [Hype!] Comics 2016
  114. [Wanted ($)] C.H.Comics looking for artist for sequentials
  115. [Wanted ($)] Character artist with a cartoony style for a school project.
  116. [Wanted ($)] Looking for Multiple Artists for a Series of Short Stories - offering $10 per page
  117. [Looking for Work] FAST and PRODUCTIVE Comic flatter AVAILABLE to work IMMEDIATELY
  118. [Hype!] New from Will Lill Comics
  119. [Wanted ($)] Seeking penciler for single issue of gothic/horror comic
  120. [Looking for Work] Hello all interested collaborators: John Ervin is Back!
  121. [Wanted ($)] Letterer wanted for comic book
  122. -Looking for an artist to draw a story
  123. [Hype!] Indie Comic Extrasensory #1
  124. [Wanted ($)] Pinups Needed
  125. [Notice] Video Editor/Animator Looking To Collaborate
  126. Artist interested in an Indie Wrestling / MMA story
  127. [Looking for Work] Black & White LINE ARTIST available
  128. A new book for Writing Comics and Graphic Novels
  129. [Notice] Experimental Comic Anthology Seeking Submissions
  130. [Looking for Work] Pencils and Inks
  131. [Wanted ($)] PAID JOB - Comic Letterer Wanted - (silver age style comic)
  132. [Wanted ($)] PAID JOB - Illustrator Wanted for 11 Page Comic
  133. [Wanted ($)] Logo contest
  134. [Notice] “Heat” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline February 29, 2016
  135. [Hype!] North Bend Kickstarter
  136. Looking for Illustrator who specializes in Noir (Paid Job)
  137. [Wanted] Looking for a Manga/Anime Artist for Web-Comic!
  138. army of darkness 4 pages
  139. [Looking for Work] Comic artist looking for new project
  140. [Wanted] Artist/Artists needed for irreverent, quasi-historical comic book.
  141. [Wanted] Awesome penciler needed
  142. [Notice] Inkwell Awards Rick Buckler Made Ambassador
  143. [Hype!] Kickstarter Zombie Pinup Art
  144. Looking for Comic Fan Roommate in Lehigh Valley Pa.
  145. [Wanted] Seeking Awesome Inkers, Colorists, Letterers.
  146. [Wanted] I have a novel that wants to be graphic
  147. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards 2016 Auction
  148. [Notice] Taking commissions
  149. [Hype!] Finn and Oodle: A Webcomic
  150. [Hype!] ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey www.batlanticstudios.com
  151. [Looking for Work] Fast flatter looking for work
  152. [Hype!] Walking Dead Sketch Cover
  153. [Wanted] Anyone want to draw a 10 page western for Charlton Neo's Pix-C comic?
  154. daily strip of Laszlo & Edgar's adventures
  155. [Looking for Work] Fast comic flatter/colorist assistant AVAILABLE
  156. [Wanted ($)] Colorist needed for shading/toning
  157. [Wanted ($)] Looking for writer to collab with
  158. [Wanted] Artist wanted for Alterna Comics' IF Anthology short story
  159. [Looking for Work] Colorist for Hire
  160. [Wanted ($)] Looking for Viking monster concept artist(s)
  161. Sequentials from "Scarabs"
  162. REAL LIFE PAYING COMIC BOOK JOB!!!! 22 Pages + Cover
  163. [Looking for Work] Fast Comic Flatter Looking For Work. Totally available!!
  164. [Hype!] Kickstarter!
  165. [Wanted ($)] Artist Needed For New Table Top Game
  166. [Notice] Enter Your Comicbook Series in This Show
  167. [Notice] The 4th Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition
  168. [Wanted ($)] Letterer needed
  169. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks/Pin-ups
  170. [Wanted ($)] Looking for a colorist
  171. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Feb Auction
  172. [Hype!] Free comic!!!
  173. [Wanted ($)] Looking for artist for Pencils/Inks on our comic book
  174. [Looking for Work] Colorist For Hire
  175. [Hype!] Ever wanted to learn how to create a colored Comic Book Illustration from scratch?
  176. [Wanted] Colorist needed for long term project
  177. [Looking for Work] Pencils and Inks
  178. [Wanted] Looking for Character and Background Designers
  179. Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi looking for an Artist
  180. [Looking for Work] Comic Colourist
  181. [Wanted ($)] Looking for a manga artist for webcomic
  182. [Wanted] Future Writers Needed
  183. [Looking for Work] Artist looking for new gigs!
  184. [Wanted] Fantastic Penciler Needed
  185. [Wanted] Fantastic Colorists Needed
  186. [Wanted ($)] Digital Illustrator needed
  187. [Wanted] Happy to train new homoerotic comics artists in exchange for art for a mini-comic
  188. [Hype!] Feedback Request for Kickstarter Page Layout
  189. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards Feb Auction Part 2
  190. [Wanted ($)] Writer seeking Illustrator.
  191. [Hype!] New Kickstarter from Iron Gate Comics!
  192. [Hype!] Bridge to Eternity~A Fantasy English Language Manga on Patreon
  193. [Looking for Work] Comic Artist Open for commissions and comic jobs! Great discounts available.
  194. [Wanted ($)] Artists wanted for 5-page short comic
  195. [Hype!] New release from Will Lill Comics
  196. [Looking for Work] Expert comic penciler LOOKING for new JOBS or project
  197. [Wanted] Wonderful Penciler needed
  198. [Wanted] Artist wanted for anthology submission
  199. [Looking for Work] comic penciler for hire
  200. [Wanted] Horror Comic Pitch looking for Inker!
  201. [Wanted] looking for an Artist, Colorist and Letterer for eight page comic pitch
  202. [Wanted] Artist(s?) needed for digital comic
  203. [Hype!] Unraveling The Universe -- NEW WEBCOMIC!!
  204. [For Sale] The Madcap Sketchbook is now available on Gumroad!
  205. [Hype!] What Doesn't Kill You
  206. [Looking for Work] Comic FLATTER - I won't flake out on you!
  207. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards leap Day Auction
  208. [Looking for Work] If you're looking for an experienced and fast comic flatter, I'm the right person!
  209. [Looking for Work] Professional Inker For Hire
  210. [Notice] ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey
  211. [Hype!] Man of Sin is live on Kickstarter, plus a podcast!
  212. [Looking for Work] Professional Comic Artist looking for new works
  213. [Hype!] Marketing Advice For First Volume
  214. [Wanted] Magazine content
  215. [Wanted ($)] Seeking a penciller for a few pin ups
  216. [Looking for Work] Pro. flatter here
  217. [Hype!] Now on sale from Will Lill Comics
  218. [Wanted] Seeking COLORIST for 6-page short
  219. [Wanted ($)] We're looking for a colorist for our upcoming horror/comedy comic book!
  220. [Notice] “Green” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline April 30, 2016
  221. [Wanted] Looking for Artist Collaborator for IF Anthology
  222. [Hype!] NCBD From Will Lill Comics!
  223. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks/Colors/Letters/Writer/Idea Man!!!
  224. [Looking for Work] Letterer available to jump on projects
  225. [Wanted] Fantasy Comic Seeking Five Pinups Contest
  226. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Sinnott/Lee Challenge
  227. [Notice] Lettering services available - Reduced rate through Kickstarter campaign
  228. [Wanted] UK-based comics illustrator needed
  229. [Wanted ($)] Flatter needed ASAP.
  230. [Looking for Work] Painted illustrations and pin-ups!
  231. [Wanted] ISO artist for collaboration
  232. [Hype!] My first comic is 75% funded on kickstarter! Please check it out!
  233. [Wanted ($)] Looking for artists (PAID GIG)
  234. [Looking for Work] Comic Artist Looking for Work
  235. [Looking for Work] Line art, colors, letters, writer...oh my!!!
  236. [Wanted ($)] Looking for a Letterer
  237. [Wanted] Looking For an Artist
  238. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards Jim Lee Wave 1 Auction
  239. [Hype!] Hunter's Lore: The Heralds Ruin, now on Kickstarter!
  240. [Wanted] Editors for Nigerian Based and Christian Books needed
  241. [Wanted] Comic Book Podcast needs Co-Host
  242. [Wanted ($)] Artists Needed for Comic Work - Paid$
  243. [Wanted ($)] In search of an artist for an IF Anthology submission
  244. Pinhead
  245. [Wanted] ARTIST(s) FOR SCI/WESTERN (collaboration)
  246. [Notice] Looking for Artists for Two Four Page Shorts
  247. [Hype!] My kickstarter is funded! Only a few hours left to become a backer!
  248. [Hype!] Wondercon: My Wondercon Portfolio
  249. [Hype!] Lilacs Kickstarter is 100% funded! Stretch Goals Added!
  250. [Wanted] Letterer For Fantasy Comic