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  1. [Hype!] Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman - Dark New Year - FREE Digital Comic
  2. [Looking for Work] Professionally Published Comic Book Artist Looking For New Projects
  3. Project Tabby
  4. New comic
  5. [Hype!] Will Lill Comics Comixology Sale!
  6. [Looking for Work] Pencils Inks Colors
  7. [Hype!] New Titles from Will Lill Comics
  8. [Wanted ($)] Artist wanted for new supernatural comic
  9. [Wanted ($)] Seeking artist for several projects
  10. [Hype!] Drawing Harley Quinn - Part 2: Refinement
  11. [Wanted ($)] NEED Letterer and cover logo designer
  12. [Wanted ($)] Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Prose: Open Submissions
  13. [Wanted ($)] Speculative Fiction Anthology
  14. [Wanted ($)] Artist needed for zombie comic
  15. [Wanted ($)] Sci-Fi Anthology Open Submissions
  16. [Looking for Work] FLATTER available for Hire
  17. Udemy.com Online art classes $10 with code. Normally $29/ each
  18. [Notice] Comic Anthologies 2015
  19. [Looking for Work] Comic Book Illustrator Available With A Specialty In Horror And Fantasy
  20. [Hype!] Terra Kaiju Kickstarter
  21. Pensacon 2/27-3/1/2015
  22. [Wanted] “Magnificence” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline February 28, 20
  23. [Wanted ($)] ♀ Comic Anthology: 2/15 Pitch Deadline
  24. [Wanted] Artist needed for creative development, Rev share.
  25. [Wanted ($)] Colorist for Pitch
  26. [Hype!] HIGHWAYMAN new webcomic!
  27. [Looking for Work] Artist for hire
  28. Writer wanted: 256~512 USD per story
  29. [Wanted] Published Comic Book Artist Looking For An Artist For Anthology
  30. [Looking for Work] Comic book lettering - $10/page
  31. [Looking for Work] Artist looking for work
  32. [Wanted] Illustrator To Colaborate On Graphic Novel based on Action Sports Screenplay
  33. [Looking for Work] Comic artist for hire
  34. [Hype!] WOLVERINE VS DEADPOOL! - Twisted Skillz Update
  35. [For Sale] THE DISEASE. 32 page one shot.
  36. [Notice] Comic Creators Wanted for Tow Page Stories!
  37. [Wanted] Pencilers Needed
  38. [Hype!] CHEVALIER the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Hither and Yon--NOW FREE ON KINDLE!!!
  39. [Wanted ($)] PUBLISHED Cover artist needed
  40. [Looking for Work] Digital artist
  41. [Looking for Work] Inker and Colorist Available For Commission/Ongoign Work
  42. [Wanted ($)] Preciso de um FLATTER
  43. [Hype!] My comic on Kickstarter!
  44. [Wanted ($)] Art, Color, and Lettering
  45. [Wanted] COLORIST WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman mini-series
  46. [Wanted ($)] Looking for artist for supernatural horror/thriller
  47. [Looking for Work] Letterer available
  48. [Wanted ($)] Artist Wanted for Comic Book/Graphic Novel Series: Paid Job
  49. Need Artist for First Issue
  50. [Looking for Work] Artist looking for new Projects
  51. [Wanted ($)] Shultz-style parody: mid-Feb deadline
  52. [Wanted] Writers and artists! Submissions open for Torsobear Vol 2 of 'toy-noir' anthology
  53. [Wanted ($)] Professional Artist Wanted
  54. [Hype!] My submission to Line Webtoon's contest
  55. [For Sale] Ace Freelancer's Guide to Getting Paid
  56. [For Sale] Art Tutoring
  57. [Looking for Work] Pencils
  58. [Wanted ($)] Pinup opportunity
  59. In Search of Colorist. PAID
  60. [Hype!] Twisted Skillz Update: The Hulk vs The Abomination
  61. [Hype!] My submission to Line Webtoon's contest
  62. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards:We're Back 2015 Auctions
  63. [Looking for Work] Professional Inker ready and available for hire.
  64. [Hype!] Spying with Lana: Second Skin eBook on sale now!
  65. [For Sale] 2015 Animation Class With Animation Legend Don Bluth
  66. [Looking for Work] Comic artist for hire
  67. [Looking for Work] drawing and inking, somo color too.
  68. [Looking for Work] Professional comic artist available
  69. [Looking for Work] Letterist Available Now.
  70. [Wanted] Instruments of Darkness: Arcane Libraries looking for artists.
  71. [Notice] Looking to collaborate with an artist
  72. [Looking for Work] PUBLISHED Professional Comic Book Artist
  73. [Wanted ($)] Artist Wanted
  74. cover to Tyranny of the Muse #3
  75. [Wanted] Illustrator wanted for graphic novel collaboration
  76. [Looking for Work] PROFESSIONAL COMIC ARTIST - Nick Raimo
  77. [Wanted ($)] Artists for Kuruz Volume 2 Graphic Novel/Comic Book
  78. [For Sale] Open to Comissions
  79. [Looking for Work] In need of comic flatter?_ i am available.
  80. CORPS comic - kickstart. check it out.
  81. [Wanted ($)] Need Art/ink, Color and lettering
  82. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Pinups
  83. Project dino
  84. [Wanted ($)] Colors & Letters
  85. [Wanted ($)] Writer Seeks Artist for Original Comic Collaboration (Paid)
  86. [Wanted] Artist for dark superhero/vampire original. NO PAY :(
  87. [Hype!] Victor's Ghost Compendium
  88. [Hype!] New webcomic - sand and snow romance
  89. [Wanted] Writer Looking for Artists on Several Books
  90. [Wanted] Pencilers Needed
  91. [Hype!] Support Our Titles at Will Lill Comics
  92. [Hype!] Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #1 on KickStarter!
  93. [Looking for Work] Letterer looking for work
  94. [Hype!] Harm's Way
  95. [Hype!] New Art Podcast - Art Stab
  96. Nightbreed #10 panel mish mash
  97. [Looking for Work] SuperHero genre penciller looking for work
  98. [Hype!] Love Me Nice Kickstarter - Final Week!
  99. [Hype!] Broodhollow Kickstarter
  100. [Hype!] Elf Kickstarter
  101. [Notice] Comic artist available for projects!
  102. [Wanted ($)] Looking for an artist for a one-shot
  103. [Hype!] Kickstarter (sci-fi miniatures)
  104. superhero series artist needed
  105. [Hype!] Cocaine Disco is live on kickstarter!
  106. [Looking for Work] Pencils
  107. [Wanted] Looking for a colorist
  108. [Looking for Work] Professional comic book artist looking for serious paid projects.
  109. [Hype!] Damage Incorporated #2 NOW available on Comixology submit!
  110. [Wanted] AWESOME Pencilers needed
  111. [Looking for Work] Pencil page sequential
  112. [Wanted] Looking for comic artist
  113. [Hype!] The Full Monty Bundle!!
  114. [Wanted ($)] Heroic Publishing looking for artists for project
  115. [Wanted] Artist for dark superhero/vampire original.
  116. [Wanted ($)] $50/page: Queer Superhero Comics & Prose Anthology
  117. [Hype!] Video update! Victor's Ghost Compendium
  118. [Wanted] Artist for dark superhero/vampire original.
  119. [Hype!] Instruments of Darkness: Devourer of Souls live on Patreon.com!! Pledge and Support!
  120. [Hype!] Living With Death Kickstarter
  121. THE SILVER STAR - five page preview
  122. [Wanted ($)] Writer Seeking Artist for Indie Graphic Novel
  123. [Hype!] "Life-Time" project submission pages
  124. [Looking for Work] Looking for Inking projects
  125. [Looking for Work] Pro. flatter available
  126. [Hype!] Time Stop #1 Kickstarter! Please Support Us! - Spellman, Chrestani, Kamaputra!!
  127. [Wanted] Awesome Colorist Needed
  128. [Wanted] Awesome Artists Needed
  129. [Looking for Work] Pencils-Pinups
  130. [Wanted] Looking for a writer to help me flesh a plot line out into a script for me to draw!
  131. [Hype!] Geek Broadside!
  132. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Print Blowout
  133. [Wanted ($)] Paid Manga Interns
  134. [Wanted ($)] Comic Artist Needed
  135. [Wanted ($)] $15/page: Post-Yaoi Comics and Illustration Anthology
  136. [Wanted ($)] Looking for a professional comic book colorist-letterer
  137. [Wanted] Looking for artist for possible Kickstarter project
  138. [Wanted] Wizard World Raleigh Small Press Table
  139. Looking for a Manga/Graphic Novel Artist
  140. [Wanted] Looking for a Letterer
  141. [Wanted ($)] 21 Pulp needs colorist, professional or newcomer
  142. [Notice] New comic catalog
  143. [For Sale] Free cover art - pro comic artist
  144. [Wanted] Cornerstone Creative Studios is on the hunt for talent!
  145. [Wanted] “Unknown” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline April 30, 2015
  146. [Wanted ($)] Looking for a sequential artist
  147. Chunks away!
  148. [Hype!] Oi! Bards, Druids and Rock and Roll in ancient Ireland
  149. [Hype!] Chainmail Bikini Kickstarter
  150. [Hype!] In Absentia is now available on Comixology!
  151. [Looking for Work] Writer Looking For Work
  152. [Wanted ($)] Space Anthology - Interest Call
  153. [Wanted] Logo for a Rock Pub
  154. [Hype!] One fantastic workshop
  155. [Wanted ($)] ARTIST WANTED for Geek-Girl mini-series
  156. [Wanted] Looking for new or upstart sequential artist...
  157. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Sinnott Spring Celebration
  158. [Hype!] Eclipse #3 is launched on Kickstarter!
  159. [Looking for Work] Pencils Pinups
  160. [Looking for Work] You need anything... CORNERSTONE can hook you up!
  161. [Looking for Work] Pinups, Sequential, Illustrations, etc
  162. [Wanted ($)] Looking for someone to do grey tones for 8 pager
  163. [Hype!] Beyond: Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Comics Anthology
  164. [Wanted] Indymag - The magazine for Indiana Jones
  165. [Looking for Work] comic artist for hire
  166. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Interview Part1
  167. [Looking for Work] Colorist
  168. [Hype!] NSFW: Jiraiya at The School of Visual Arts Talk, Q&A
  169. [Wanted ($)] Comic Artist with 1940s art style
  170. [Hype!] 'PROUD' 4 page comic. Please read if you've 1-2 minutes
  171. [Looking for Work] Pencils
  172. [Looking for Work] Sequential Artist.
  173. [Wanted] Crowdfinders podcast is looking for you to share your independent comic story
  174. [Looking for Work] Penciler, inker and colorist
  175. [Looking for Work] Pinup artist/colorist with mainstream publisher exp
  176. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Interview Part 2
  177. [Wanted] Help Wanted
  178. [Wanted ($)] Villain Anthology: $50/Page - Open Submissions
  179. [Wanted] Awesome Pencilers Needed
  180. [Wanted] FANTASTIC Colorists Needed
  181. [Wanted] Writer Seeking Arist Partner
  182. [Wanted ($)] Penciller wanted for High Fantasy Western
  183. [Wanted ($)] $20K Stipend - YA/Children's Writer-in-Residence
  184. The Halfpenny Dreadful Comic Project...
  185. [Wanted ($)] Seeking flatter
  186. [Wanted] Artist for new comic book project
  187. [Wanted ($)] Seeking Artist for Webcomic - Paid
  188. [Wanted ($)] Cartoonist for Webcomic
  189. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks
  190. [Hype!] Victor's Horror Compendium Relaunch
  191. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Interview Part 3
  192. [Wanted] [Rev-share] Indie game developer looking for Comic Artists!
  193. [Hype!] Wimberly Drawing Workshop
  194. [Hype!] The Forever Maps
  195. [Hype!] Hunter's Lore: A Graphic Novel
  196. [Wanted] Artist wanted for a modern fantasy comic collaboration
  197. [Looking for Work] Comic Book Letterer
  198. [Wanted] Rocking Letterers Needed
  199. [Wanted ($)] Artists Wanted for mini-series
  200. [Wanted ($)] Seeking Penciler for Fantasy Comic Series
  201. [Wanted] Looking to collaborate with an artist
  202. [Looking for Work] Artist
  203. [Hype!] Ghost Town - A Mystery (Graphic Novel)
  204. [Wanted] web developer needed who would double as artist or writer
  205. [Looking for Work] Comic Artist for paid work/commissions
  206. [Looking for Work] Comic colorist looking for work
  207. [Looking for Work] penciller, inker available: Jacqui
  208. [Wanted ($)] Colorist Needed (Pre-Flatted Work)
  209. [Hype!] The Forever Maps - Artwork
  210. [Notice] Torsobear Volume 2 seeks artist for short story. Paid via Kickstarter campaign!
  211. [Hype!] Daredevil Netflix Free Comics Celebration Event
  212. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards Sinnott Challenge Auction
  213. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks
  214. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Sinnott Challenge Press Release
  215. [Hype!] Chapter 2 of “Snow and Sand Romance” webcomic updated!!
  216. [Wanted ($)] $50/Page Anthology: Queer Paranormal Romance
  217. [Wanted ($)] New Artist for The Conjurer Comic Book
  218. [Wanted ($)] WANTED- GTA5 style illustrations for Graphic Novel
  219. [Wanted ($)] Looking for manga style artist for full color cover for Yaoi/BL/Queer webcomic
  220. [Wanted ($)] Hiring Artists for Comic Compilation
  221. [Looking for Work] Penciller/Inker/Character design Artist
  222. [Wanted] Colorist for prints
  223. [Hype!] Free Comic Book Day Facebook Group
  224. [For Sale] Inkwell Awards Sinnott Challenge Wave2 Auction
  225. [Looking for Work] Digital Inker
  226. [Looking for Work] Pencils/Inks
  227. [Hype!] Final days for Hunter's Lore: a Graphic Novel on Kickstarter!
  228. [Wanted] Seeking artist for collaboration for pitch or crowd sourcing.
  229. [Hype!] Animal Dreamers-Art Therapy Coloring Book Kickstarter
  230. [Wanted ($)] Writer seeking collaborating artist for action/adventure title
  231. [Hype!] Broken Frontier's Anthology Kickstarter Is Live!
  232. [Wanted ($)] Looking for artist Paid job
  233. [Looking for Work] Well rounded sequential artist looking for work!
  234. [Wanted] Published writer looking for an artist for a horror comic
  235. [Wanted] needing a letterer, a penciler, and a colorist
  236. [Wanted ($)] Small Sequential Art Project
  237. [Looking for Work] Artist for hire
  238. [Hype!] Support Creator-Owned Comics with Broken Frontier's First Original Anthology!
  239. [Looking for Work] Writer looking for work.
  240. [Wanted ($)] I need collaborators for a comic book project
  241. [Wanted] Looking for cartoon style comic artist
  242. [Hype!] Classic horror comics Kickstarter - Tales of the Damned
  243. [Hype!] Inkwell Awards Voting Class of 2015
  244. [Looking for Work] Inker for hire!
  245. [Wanted] The Greatest Pencilers Wanted
  246. [Notice] Professional Editor services for new writers
  247. [Hype!] Monty's World TPB now at Amazon!!!
  248. [Wanted] Looking for a writer
  249. [Hype!] The Sorrowful Putto of Prague webcomic
  250. [Looking for Work] Flatting Services