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  1. Who is cooler, Zorro or The Lone Ranger?
  2. Bladerunner: Is Deckard a Replicant?
  3. Can a Light Saber cut through Captain Americas Shield?
  4. Fanboys Unleashed - Rules
  5. Bugs Bunny would defeat Lex Luthor in battle of wits
  6. Naruto Manga, V.S. Battle. . . Who prevails?
  7. Daredevil Versus Nightwing
  8. Voltron vs The Hand
  9. Hollywood Hogan vs. Hulk Hogan
  10. Battle Royale
  11. The Authority VS The X-Men
  12. Chuck Norris vs. Mr.T
  13. The Guillermo del Toro Challenge
  14. Iron man VS batman
  15. Jedi vs The X-Men
  16. Lucky vs. Superman
  17. Batman Versus Daredevil
  18. Scott Pilgrim vs. Barry Ween
  19. Superman vs. Goku
  20. Fantasy Casts
  21. Classic: Kirk vs. Picard
  22. Batman is not God.
  23. Evolve Batman, EVOLVE! Dammit!
  24. Bat Bashers!!!
  25. Batman vs Wolverine!
  26. Deadpool versus Gambit
  27. Batman Vs. Your Mother
  28. Ninjas versus Pirates
  29. Jean Claude Van Damme Vs. Steven Seagal
  30. Ultimate Warrior vs. Sting
  31. The Ultimate Showdown
  32. Mortal Kombat vs Street fighter
  33. Battle of the Butlers!
  34. Clint Eastwood v. John Wayne
  35. Chloe sullivan vs Veronica Mars
  36. All-Star Batman Royale
  37. Who is the best female villain in Batman films?
  38. John Constantine vs. Jesse Custer
  39. Bigby Wolf vs Wolverine?
  40. Iron man vs slade
  41. Slade vs Wolverine
  42. Comics and their film counterparts
  43. A speedster race
  44. Comics YOU MUST READ 101
  45. TX vs Predator, Robocop vs Terminator
  46. JCVD vs RVD
  47. Just in Time for V-day, Battle of the Couples
  48. Frank Castle vs Marv
  49. Vampires vs Werewolves
  50. Who's a bigger pimp?
  51. Fictional cereal face off (A spinoff from "Who's a bigger pimp"?)
  52. Chuck Norris can beat Batman
  53. My name's the real deal - the real deal Bond.
  54. ?Something crossed my mind the other night...
  55. Spider Jeruselum vs Hunter S. Thompson?
  56. 90s battle
  57. 90s battle
  58. Danny Ketch superior to Johnny Blaze
  59. Evil Dead vs Evil Dead II vs Army of Darkness
  60. The Rock Vs. Vin Diesel
  61. Could Crisis on Infinite Earths have happened
  62. who has the most power?
  63. Bucky vs Jason Todd
  64. Han Solo vs Boba Fett
  65. who was the most muscular, strongest wrestler & bodybuilder
  66. The X-Man, Gambit Versus The Living Dead
  67. The Easy Way To Defeat Superheroes
  68. Power ranges
  69. Michael Jackson Vs. Prince
  70. space battleship yamato vs battlestar galactica
  71. Massive music sibling face off!
  72. Van Helsing vs Blade vs Selena
  73. Nerd Fight!
  74. My Thoughts On A Capt. America Film
  75. Marvel JLA?
  76. Battle of the Leaders: Picard vs Professor X
  77. Pit Fight: Ace Ventura vs Austin Powers
  78. Karl Marx v Abraham Lincoln
  79. WETA vs ILM vs other
  80. mixed martial art fighter vs Beast
  81. Pepe La Pew Vs. Victor Hugo (THE BATTLE OF THE LOVERS!!!)
  82. Create your fantasy X-Men lineup
  83. Storm vs, Captain planet
  84. Juggernaut VS The Blob
  85. Pick Five For World Domination!
  86. Pop Culture Wars 2006
  87. Summer Throwdown '06
  88. What's so Civil about War anyway?
  89. X-men elimination game
  90. Acting Heavyweights
  91. 300 Spartans
  92. X-MEN 3 Great! but...
  93. MOVIES: X4 line-up
  94. Movie Villains Elimination Game
  95. The WC Soccer....
  96. Marshal Law vs Deadpool vs the Punisher
  97. Is Wonderwoman bulletproof?
  98. So what if they had kids?
  99. who's got the magic touch
  100. Superman Returns
  101. Can snowspeeders only be used in snow?
  102. Favorite Captain?
  103. If people could logically fly
  104. Hottest chicks (drawn)
  105. Avengers Elimination Game
  106. Justice League Elimination Game
  107. Dream Avengers
  108. Dr. Who question
  109. Giant Robot Battle Royal
  110. How many 5 year-olds.....
  111. Super-powers in the "real" world
  112. Your crapy superhero movie list
  113. Tough Guys?
  114. One movie
  115. Wolverine vs predator
  116. Wolverine VS Boba Fett and Darth Maul
  117. The Trumpet vs The Drum
  118. Civil War Mega Hyper Spoiler Go!!!!!
  119. The Joker vs Lex Luthor
  120. Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan
  121. Evolve or Die series...
  122. Boner VS Cockroach
  123. Batman's successor
  124. Pro boxers in UFC
  125. Disney face off
  126. Dc Fantasy Publishing
  127. Cartman VS Stewie
  128. Post Apocolyptic Showdown!!
  129. Why did Invincible become a God once a year?
  130. Midnighter VS. Batman
  131. ~True Or False~
  132. Who's your MASTER?!?!
  133. Sabertooth vs Lobo
  134. UFC or PRIDE
  135. Shoot-Em-Up Villians
  136. AQUAMAN - Respect
  137. Miscellaneous exhibitions
  138. video game comics
  139. Superman returns, liked it, didn't like it, poll
  140. G.I. Joe the movie???
  141. Marvel or DC, Which is the best??
  142. Galactus VS. Unicron: who would win?!?
  143. Cast a new A-team movie!
  144. rear naked choke and no wing chun in mma
  145. What is easiest vocation in becoming a pro in the comic book industry
  146. What Character would you have liked to see Jack "the King" Kirby draw?
  147. Superman & Batman: Which of the two best represents America?
  148. who's the best... NOT!!
  149. who's the cornest of the corn?
  150. Adam Beechen's Teen Titans Run
  151. State Of The Medium Address
  152. What does it take to be a Superhero?
  153. Deadpool vs. LOBO
  154. mr. fantastic vs plasticman
  155. who are the top 3 smartest person on the planet in Marvel and DC?
  156. by their superlative moniker thy art be truest.
  157. Hawkman vs any version of Angel in Xmen
  158. Highlander with a lightsaber vs a jedi
  159. Which side are you on?
  160. Avengers: The Movie Casting Call
  161. would MacGyver be able to win if he was in SAW
  162. Kratos vs Dante
  163. How Spiderman3 could have been Better.
  164. Galactus, a storm cloud?!?
  165. DC's Clayface vs Marvel's Sandman
  166. Star wars vs Star trek
  167. who blows the hardest!!
  168. Best Clone
  169. Who's the Flashiest?
  170. Is the antimonitor the most powerful villain in DC
  171. Which Greenlantern light shines brightest
  172. Red Vines or Twizzlers?
  173. Padme or Leia
  174. Laced, Coated, or glazed?
  175. marvel and dc as fashion
  176. Which TF's would ya like to see next?
  177. Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher?
  178. The reason I buy a comic is...
  179. Which Spider-man Costume Is The Best
  180. Movie costumes or comic costumes?
  181. Millenium(Hellsing) and S.S(Hellboy) vs BPRD(Hellboy)
  182. Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri
  183. Leonidas vs Achilles vs Spartacus vs Ben-Hur vs Maximus
  184. Heroes or Lost??
  185. which mma organization holds the true champs
  186. Wrestle Fan Fest 2007
  187. saturday morning showdown
  188. superhero name dropping in music...
  189. Who's your favorite night-prowler?
  190. which next gen gaming console offers more?
  191. Superman's prints
  192. Kubert's
  193. Which Unit is the tougher
  194. possible to rebuild civilazation with 23 individuals?
  195. Could a Lightsaber cut superman?
  196. who's the most strongest mutant in marvel universe.
  197. World Best Top 10 Comic Book Superhero's ?
  198. Favorite Tetris Block
  199. The Grimace vs. Anyone
  200. Give me your top five Old School comic writers.
  201. Ultimate Writer/Artist Combo!
  202. Star Wars - Episode VII: The Unanswered Questions
  203. What!? An Error!? In WATCHMEN!???
  204. The Romita''s
  205. Mike Allred or Steve Rude
  206. Superheroes & Property Damage
  207. Who's Your Favorite X-Men Villain?
  208. Croc or Lizard
  209. CREATE A MASTERS OF EVIL TEAM 5 to 8 members with any villians
  210. CREATE AN AVENGERS TEAM 5 to 8 members
  211. who's more eletrifying
  212. who would win in a game of chess batman vs professor xavier
  213. who should be the villain in Christopher Nolan's batman trilogy if there is one?
  214. Most Important Terminator Question
  215. Star Trek which boldy went nowhere..
  216. olympic proportions
  217. racing track in sports...
  218. bob kane,stan lee,Jerry Siegel,Will Eisner great writers also? or just great creators
  219. hero, villain, athlete, paid officer, magician, gambler
  220. Red Hulk,Blue Hulk,Green Hulk..O My!
  221. John Byrne vs George Pérez
  222. batmobile
  223. Rob Liefeld Question
  224. I'm nerding out today...
  225. clark kent smallville vs peter petrelli heroes
  226. A thought I had...
  227. Why I'm growing to despise spider-man
  228. actors/actress that are birds of a feather flock together.
  229. who's a better cross dresser
  230. Metamorpho vs Freakshow
  231. wolvie vs terminator
  232. comicbook make overs..
  233. Superman Vs. Wolverine Who Would Win?
  234. who's the real King of the Atlantis ruler of the oceans and seas...
  235. Superman Death and Return Dates
  236. Batman Vs. Jack Bauer
  237. Who's harnesses the nuclear , atomic energy better
  238. TMNT teenage mutant ninja turtles
  239. Gambit VS. Wolverine
  240. Iron Man vs Bruce Lee
  241. Centurions
  242. am i the only one who thinks ultimatum sucks
  243. Ninja Scroll The Movie
  244. Superhero Elimination Game - Heavyweights
  245. Superhero Elimination Game - Cruiserweights
  246. Supervillain Elimination Game
  247. Hulk vs. Superman Who would win?
  248. The JLA V.S The New Avengers,Who would win?
  249. DeathStroke vs Deadpool....
  250. Who would win,Ryu and Ken Or Superman and Batman