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  1. Can a Light Saber cut through Captain Americas Shield?
  2. Fanboys Unleashed - Rules
  3. Iron man VS batman
  4. Superman vs. Goku
  5. Batman vs Wolverine!
  6. space battleship yamato vs battlestar galactica
  7. mixed martial art fighter vs Beast
  8. How many 5 year-olds.....
  9. Marvel or DC, Which is the best??
  10. mr. fantastic vs plasticman
  11. DC's Clayface vs Marvel's Sandman
  12. Which Greenlantern light shines brightest
  13. Which Spider-man Costume Is The Best
  14. who would win in a game of chess batman vs professor xavier
  15. who should be the villain in Christopher Nolan's batman trilogy if there is one?
  16. Most Important Terminator Question
  17. Star Trek which boldy went nowhere..
  18. olympic proportions
  19. racing track in sports...
  20. bob kane,stan lee,Jerry Siegel,Will Eisner great writers also? or just great creators
  21. hero, villain, athlete, paid officer, magician, gambler
  22. Red Hulk,Blue Hulk,Green Hulk..O My!
  23. John Byrne vs George Pérez
  24. batmobile
  25. Rob Liefeld Question
  26. I'm nerding out today...
  27. clark kent smallville vs peter petrelli heroes
  28. A thought I had...
  29. Why I'm growing to despise spider-man
  30. actors/actress that are birds of a feather flock together.
  31. who's a better cross dresser
  32. Metamorpho vs Freakshow
  33. wolvie vs terminator
  34. comicbook make overs..
  35. Superman Vs. Wolverine Who Would Win?
  36. who's the real King of the Atlantis ruler of the oceans and seas...
  37. Superman Death and Return Dates
  38. Batman Vs. Jack Bauer
  39. Who's harnesses the nuclear , atomic energy better
  40. TMNT teenage mutant ninja turtles
  41. Gambit VS. Wolverine
  42. Iron Man vs Bruce Lee
  43. Centurions
  44. am i the only one who thinks ultimatum sucks
  45. Ninja Scroll The Movie
  46. Superhero Elimination Game - Heavyweights
  47. Superhero Elimination Game - Cruiserweights
  48. Supervillain Elimination Game
  49. Hulk vs. Superman Who would win?
  50. The JLA V.S The New Avengers,Who would win?
  51. DeathStroke vs Deadpool....
  52. Who would win,Ryu and Ken Or Superman and Batman
  53. Semi Strong Man battle--Colossus vs WonderMan
  54. Who would win in a fight Ryu and Ken Or Superman and Batman
  55. Whats your favorite action movie?
  56. Christopher Walken vs Morgan Freeman *NO HOLDS BARRED*
  57. Can Captain America's shield withstand a Hadoken or a Kamehameha?
  58. Flight
  59. Rank Kimbo Slice's Success On TUF 10
  60. Who's your Favorite Watchmen Character?
  61. Image Founders: Rank their art
  62. Rank the Cliffhanger artist and their Cliffhanger work.
  63. transformers transformation sound challenge
  64. Favorite jim lee art under wildstorm banner.
  65. nba center death match who would win
  66. 616 Magneto VS AoA Magneto
  67. if Batman lived in the marvel universe who would be his best friend...
  68. If you lived in the Marvel, DC, Image or other comic book universe
  69. Even better than the real thing.artist who does another artist style & does it better
  70. Doctor Doom vs. Darth Vader
  71. Secret Six
  72. Maybe not the right place to post, but adivse on a can't miss?
  73. Green Lantern: First Light
  74. superman/batman public enemies cartoon
  75. Full Metal Alchemist Fan Art on Deviantart??
  76. Passing the torch to the nexgen
  77. Help Settle a Debate - Batman VS Rorschach
  78. How would you survive.
  79. Fan made Thundercats promo
  80. What's your Favorite Marvel Or DC Team up?
  81. Batman family vs. G-Force!!!!!!!
  82. cat fight (catwoman vs blackcat)
  83. Bill Sienkiewicz vs Walt Simonson
  84. Bill Sienkiewicz vs Walt Simonson (now with poll)
  85. Superman Vs. He-Man!!!!!
  86. Tick vs. Freakazoid
  87. Best Superhero Shows
  88. Justice League vs. Watchmen
  89. who would u like to narrate you and/or fav narrator
  90. Who makes a very cool Green Lantern?
  91. Which one is the most powerful Superhero?
  92. Who is the coolest Superman knockoff?
  93. Superman vs. Thor!!!!!
  94. Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye - Which one is the stronger swimmer ?
  95. Tommy Lee Edwards vs John Paul Leon
  96. Spock vs Batman
  97. Deadpool Vs Vorhees
  98. Ultimate Spider Vs Regular Venom(Gargan)
  99. Best Animated Villain
  100. Matrix A.P.U vs Avatar AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform)
  101. Thor Vs Captain Marvel
  102. Marvel Baseball
  103. looney tunes
  104. Best Movie Villain
  105. Draw one superhero Vote Starts Now
  106. Iron Fist vs Karate Kid?
  107. Batman vs The Mandarin
  108. Best Non-Superhero Comic Character
  109. Vote your favorite superhero's
  110. Favourite Robin
  111. Conan Vs Heman Vs Herculoids
  112. The thing vs wolverine and iron man vs the invisible woman
  113. Best Fight Scenes
  114. what sleeping bag would you rather sleep on....
  115. Comic Villain Elimination Game
  116. The Gotei 13 is transported into the Marvel U
  117. Do you Think Eminem's new songs or old songs are better?
  118. Hawaii Five-0 vs Nikita
  119. Greatest Hip-Hop Group of all time
  120. Would someone please explain furries to me?
  121. Ultimate spiderman
  122. Epic Comic Moments which changed your opinions of Characters
  123. Middle Class Batman?
  124. which one of fantastic four will die.... :omg:
  125. comics you would never buy...
  126. Black Death and Heartless are they worth it?
  127. Something odd I just thought of
  128. Batman vs Ozymandias
  129. The Pinky and the Brain vs Superman.
  130. Allstar Batman on Robin the Boy Wonder...thoughts?
  131. Ninja Turtles
  132. Onslaught vs. Dr. Manhattan
  133. Ninja Turtles Question
  134. Have any of you guys played the Mafia game?
  135. Arkham Asylum Question
  136. So you think you know comics? Here's your challenge.
  137. if you were a pro athlete in a middle of a game and a zombie takes over the crowd
  138. Ultimate Destiny Battle: Edward VS Jacob
  139. POWERS: Whats The Worst That Can Happen?
  140. Shazam!!! its pouring rain , theres thunder and lighting.......
  141. Dark Knight Rises - Bane...
  142. must own comics for comic creators
  143. Fictitious comic book artists
  144. whats your must watch list of cartoons thats free on tv.
  145. whats your must watch list of cartoons thats free on tv.
  146. which is the best Spider-man movie with poll
  147. If you could choose only one superpower, what would you choose?
  148. Liefeld-Love him or hate him!
  149. Anyone know what issue of X-Force these pencils belong to?
  150. Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Penciller Of All Time ?
  151. what pre- beginning apocalyptic world would you kick ass in
  152. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher To Appear in Episode VII and maybe Harrison Ford also
  153. SILVERHAWKS vs Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
  154. Marvel vs DC movie soundtracks
  155. What's the deal with Cerebus?
  156. Leo DiCaprio to make Bill Waterson biopic
  157. In the Marvel U. how do people know not to call Spiderman a Mutant. =P
  158. If Batman had Mechanized Batwings insteead of a cape.
  159. Batman vs one punch man
  160. Civil war