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  1. Best way to do thumnail sketches or roughs?
  2. Repeating backgrounds / changing foregrounds -- novice question
  3. Best days to publish webcomics?
  4. Gesture detail
  5. Question About Getting Published / Self-Publishing
  6. Inking with Echo
  7. help with public domain
  8. F#$% you wacom! Get out of my wallet!!!
  9. Opinions on Anatomy Books
  10. Working Dimensions and or Photoshop Templates?
  11. Easy lettering
  12. Buildings and paths in Photoshop
  13. Best font for dialogues
  14. Useful reference site
  15. Perspective Grids??
  16. I need a brush
  17. where can i find sequential pages to color
  18. Attached word ballons in Manga Studio?
  19. Posing toys
  20. Best sites for the aspiring artist...
  21. Best Drawing Program?
  22. Coloring glass and clouds
  23. Art Tips
  24. T-shirt production?
  25. Art Supplies
  26. Shading or depth of field
  27. What's "professional level" mean?
  28. Selling Comic Book Art
  29. What is this shading technique called?
  30. How do you store Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs?
  31. How/when do you use non-photo blue pencils?
  32. An incredible experIment with layout and storytelling everyone should read!
  33. Advice on lead grades
  34. So you want to be a "PRO" great article
  35. Formatting Questions
  36. Rsi
  37. Photoshop Brushes?
  38. Inking Tutorials for the masses
  39. Should i feel bad ? - Coloring
  40. thoughts on creating reference threads?
  41. Manga Studio questions
  42. Image request thread
  43. Stock Image Reference database
  44. Storing and preserving penciled pages....
  45. New Comic Book Art, Life Drawing and Painting Classes in Toronto
  46. Minimalist color 1 or 2 color art
  47. David Sim's Advice on Self Publishing
  48. Drawing process for Sketch Cards? Tips and advice wanted please!
  49. How Much Should I Charge?
  50. JavaScript question for CS3 Photoshop
  51. Screentone Effects + stuff
  52. Black + White Art To Color For Practice
  53. Who uses a Wacom tablet, and why?
  54. Do you ink with Copic SP Multiliner pens?
  55. Anyone know if there is an add-on..
  56. Help using Photoshop CS3
  57. High Res Pencils
  58. Little motivation I found online
  59. New Pelikan Techno-Liner pens
  60. Payment for a Collaboration Project
  61. Has anybody created a comics app?
  62. Writer Page Rates
  63. Working for Free
  64. Sketchbook's Asylum for Orphaned Ideas
  65. Do you tape bristol board to your drafting table?
  66. Photoshop text help
  67. I just got Manga Studio EX4, now what?
  68. Showing impact
  69. Digital Comics Size Confusion
  70. Printing at home - finding paper
  71. Skin Tones in RGB
  72. marvel digital comics reader
  73. Logo help
  74. Books for Manga Studio Ex4
  75. How easy is ComicPress to use?
  76. 3D Anatomy
  77. Experienced Inkers, help!
  78. Problem with Intuos4 Software Bundle
  79. Manga Studio EX 4 for $59.99 on Amazon
  80. Animation Noob
  81. I'm 30, unpublished, and determined be a comic artist, or DIE TRYING: A rant
  82. Lower case comic font.
  83. What can I get get away with?
  84. Scanner recommendations?
  85. Dec 7 ctrlpaint is a must-see
  86. SSD Question
  87. I need some help with shading and adding depth
  88. perspective-grid ?
  89. Printing - CMYK or RGB
  90. Make your own fonts?!
  91. Question about which Manga studio to buy
  92. Comics without words? Or very sparse dialogue?
  93. Blueline bristol board showing up in scans
  94. illustrations in novels
  95. Anyone else like really TOOTHY paper. Rougher than rough vellum only?
  96. need help! for a Leapster explorer
  97. how should I burn this money?
  98. Maintaining my brush
  99. Graphic.ly
  100. Engraving. spamming for feedback :)
  101. System Requirements for Adobe Premium student edition
  102. Need help or book advice
  103. Perspective drawing tips in Photoshop
  104. Mustek A3 and Windows 7?
  105. Abode Illustrator Tutorial on patterns
  106. Blambot grammar guide for comics
  107. Cintiq issues, not sure how to diagnose
  108. Comissions pricing...help please. :(
  109. Are rapidographs or similar tech pens worth it?
  110. Paper has worn on a piece I am doing - Will this solve the issue ?
  111. Coloring with Illustrator or PS?
  112. Help with photoshop CS 5
  113. Manga Studio EX 4 on sale at Tiger Direct
  114. what do i need? (tablet and other hardware) and other starting questions
  115. Colouring technique question
  116. Where to get pencils printed on bristol board
  117. Comic Con schedules
  118. Daz Studio Pro, Bryce 7 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 Free to Download
  119. Extreme Perspective For Artists by David Chelsea @Half-Price Books!
  120. Who wants standard size templates (single and double spread) Read on
  121. Graphics Tablets
  122. can you help me out?
  123. aquafadas
  124. ibooks author
  125. Looking for good concise easy to follow Flash tutorials
  126. Manga templates- for artists who wish to go into print
  127. Create 3 point perspective grid in Adobe Illustrator
  128. Getting a hardcover graphic novel printed (where should I go?)
  129. What kind of pencil to use for drawing comics, graphic novels, cartoons, etc.
  130. Where can I post my work online
  131. How to Keep Your Tool Sharp
  132. Comicpress - Lets help each other out!
  133. Copyright question
  134. help with drawing faces that look the same.lol I know its weird
  135. Advice for pricing commissions, sketchcards and sketch covers.
  136. Crow Quill Headache
  137. How do you know which angle to draw from
  138. Font Recommendations
  139. Erasers are not for mistakes
  140. Please offer some advice
  141. Drawing digital vs traditional
  142. Who do I have to <insert action> to learn how to draw hair!!!?
  143. Comic Printers!
  144. What programs do you guys use to put together your comic panels and word balloons?
  145. Kickstarter.com question
  146. looking for drawing-computer!!
  147. Opentype fonts versus TrueType fonts
  148. Inkers like to do it with a stroke
  149. Drawing on the ipad using gloves
  150. Toronto Cartoonists Workshop: May 2012 Workshops with Ty Templeton and Leonard Kirk!
  151. Submission guidelines 2.0 - Finding a Job in the Art industry
  152. Image Hosting Sites
  153. Facial expression books
  154. Strarhmore 500 Warning
  155. Comic Book Lettering Essay at Comics Alliance April 10, 2012
  156. question about perspective
  157. What do you call this style of coloring
  158. Scanned Line Work
  159. Inside a Manga Studio
  160. Paper Size Paranoia (A4)
  161. Webinar with Ethan Nicolle
  162. For Beginners and Those Wanting To Improve!
  163. Da Inking Thread
  164. The Bachalo Factor
  165. Comic Book/Graphic Novel page templates to download
  166. Cintiq alternative?
  167. Electric corded erasers
  168. Comics Experience, with Andy Schmidt - classes
  169. Line weights
  170. 22 page comic books: the pros and cons
  171. Simple but dumb question
  172. Perspective shortcuts and grids
  173. Resizing Artwork like a Pro - A4 paper to 10x15
  174. Any tips on what I should do?
  175. What tool is this?
  176. Caricature Crash Course!
  177. Collaborations?
  178. Need help with gesture drawing & stick figure as base.
  179. Textured coloring
  180. Am I somehow killing my brush faster than normal?
  181. Practice For Inkers?
  182. Fatigue while drawing: How do you overcome it?
  183. Websites for commissions
  184. How would you like a webcomic to work?
  185. Panel Breakout Manga studio EX4
  186. Web Comic Recomendations?
  187. Preserving old artwork
  188. I'm just wondering
  189. Books on Composition
  190. the romance factor
  191. Samples of Jenny Frison's Work on Cover to "Ghost" #0!
  192. RE: Sizing a finished strip or page
  193. What happened to the "Illustrator Inking" thread?
  194. Page Rate
  195. perspective - related geometry..
  196. cintiq for comics?
  197. what are the main advantages of the big wacom?
  198. line weight exercises
  199. EBay
  200. When to pay your creative team.
  201. Portfolio Reviews
  202. Master composition
  203. Comic Book Printing Paper
  204. Help needed on improving
  205. What the Pros use to draw. Digital or Pen and Paper.
  206. Zbrush ??
  207. Best and easiest website host for artists?
  208. Quick Photoshop Brush Question
  209. comission pricing
  210. Learning Manga Studio EX4
  211. How to select flats using the channels technique? (Photoshop)
  212. Pencil versus Brush Tool in Coloring - tradition or meaningful? (photoshop)
  213. Advice Required: Technical Question for Inkers
  214. Royalties?
  215. Link to some published artists process's
  216. Awesome Anatomy
  217. Best way to display comics at Cons?
  218. VFXWorkshop.com Digital Pencil/Digital Ink Brush worth it?
  219. Important Basics from Jim Lee
  220. hand references via beach volleyball
  221. Question
  222. Joe Q talking about tech
  223. Advice needed from writers, illustrators and everyone ! :)
  224. So...what kind of tablet do I need?
  225. Is there a guide for copyrighting characters and stories?
  226. Producing Convention Art books.
  227. Money
  228. Buying Wacom nibs in bulk?
  229. signature wont show...
  230. Should I take an advanced Photoshop class?
  231. Agents / Reps?
  232. Advice on selling original art
  233. Must Read Article on Copyright. Are you legal?
  234. Scanning pages..help
  235. Great & Cheap Colorist > Great Inker
  236. So you want my job: Artist/Illustrator
  237. foreshortening
  238. Which vellum board is better?
  239. Any recommmended lightboxes?
  240. Perspective query
  241. Wacom 24 HD Review & Paint Demo
  242. The Jot Touch: What do you want to know?
  243. Great video about constructing the head
  244. Wacom DTF-720 Professional Tablet worth $450?
  245. Landscape orientation for print and digital
  246. A big inking question, need help
  247. Would a publisher accept a submission in download form ?
  248. Brush Pen's/Inking Advice
  249. Inking question w/ Manga Studio 3 EX
  250. is it worth anything to get those marvel and dc encyclopedias?