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  1. Creating the line art layer in Manga studio 5
  2. Advice on new Intuos Tablets please
  3. monoprice 19-inch Interactive Pen Display
  4. Need help with printing my own paper.
  5. How do you decide how to compose your pics?
  6. Doing explicit erotic art commissions...?
  7. Light table suggestions
  8. Question about James Gurney's book, for you oil painters out there
  9. Is there a free screen recording program that actually works?
  10. Manga Studio % question
  11. Instructional vid: how to make digital word balloons that look hand-drawn
  12. Putting together a last minute Christmas List and I would like some feedback
  13. What are your artistic goals or focuses?
  14. How many nibs do you use, and which one is your favorite?
  15. Inking question(?)
  16. Photobucket problems with IOS 7
  17. Manga paper size used.
  18. Legality of drawing movie or novel characters?
  19. Interesting quirk about perspective.
  20. Alex Ross technique
  21. Adobe Illustrator or similar programs.
  22. Any idea what this Wacom intuos 4 pen is?
  23. Tips for a muted colour scheme like Matt Hollingsworth?
  24. "Framed Ink" -- anybody read it?
  25. coloring/texturing a pile of ash
  26. Helpful Guides & Quick Sketch Exercises
  27. Good 3D software for character modelling?
  28. How to throw paint
  29. Re-sizing images with GIMP
  30. What do publishers want to see from an artist?
  31. Comic book templates.
  32. Wassy's Painting Process (by popular demand)
  33. Question about licensed products in a story
  34. How do you construct your figures
  35. Useful Photoshop extensions/plug-ins for digital painting and colouring?
  36. Frank Miller style...
  37. Advice for Working in the Entertainment Industry.
  38. SHELF LIFE: Different Artists, Same Page, Different Results
  39. Does anyone know where this is from?
  40. The 300 dpi jpeg
  41. Figure running (male or female), anyone got good Samples?
  42. Manga Studio 5
  43. Using specific pantone colors in photoshop question
  44. How do you get reviews?
  45. Anyone know how to do glow effects on Manga Studio 5?
  46. Any good free online stores to reccommend?
  47. Using a graphics tablet (monitor) with a dual screen set up
  48. sensu brush, the digital paintbrush
  49. Lettering & Borders using Inkscape
  50. Question about perspective
  51. Advanced technical Drawnig, does anyone have some good Tutorials?
  52. Favorite Manga Brushes
  53. What kind of paper (size and type) do you print sample pages on for submissions?
  54. DIY temporary vesa mount for Cintiq 13hd
  55. Breaking an image into ROYGBIV pixels?
  56. Page Template Size (Has it changed?)
  57. Manga Studio 5 Debut
  58. Single-Creator Comics: When/How/Why Do You Move from Text to Image Scripting?
  59. What is the Station Point for?
  60. Standing desks
  61. Huion Tablet
  62. Help upgrading my computer!
  63. Drawing Hair...
  64. Line of action question
  65. Burn Out
  66. Teepublic / Redbubble, and others. Anybody used these?
  67. Troubles and Tips for recalling anatomy.
  68. Just bought a blue pencil! :D
  69. What's the exact percentage a 11x17 comic book gets shrunk down to for production?
  70. Digital Working Size
  71. Various Photoshop "brushes"- do they really make a difference?
  72. Studying other artist
  73. Question about art boards
  74. Paper for pencillers
  75. Pose & Anatomy apps for mobile devices
  76. How Not To Make a Graphic Novel
  77. Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist
  78. Brother copiers
  79. Weekly art groups.
  80. Manga studio... speed lines?
  81. Script to Page - How do you do it?
  82. Photoshop paint bucket question
  83. How to put a page on a template
  84. helpful anatomy site
  85. Over/Under coloring in Photoshop
  86. Referencing vs Copying
  87. The Head From Different Angles?
  88. A Question on Style
  89. No Preview Images for Manga Studio EX 5 files
  90. Manga Studio 5 - Moving multiple layers?
  91. Layerpaint HD (for Android tablets), think Manga Studio lite.
  92. CMYK Profile in Manga Studio 5
  93. Working with scanned images MS5
  94. Even Though I Would NEVER TOUCH One Of These Things...
  95. Manga Studio 5 Selection Launcher question
  96. New book on Manga Studio
  97. Stitching together double-page spreads in GIMP?
  98. Which one looks better to you?
  99. Black and white movies for Light-studies!!
  100. Face-shading, Part two
  101. Surface Pro 3
  102. Very confused Need simplificaton and advice
  103. Foundational building tips
  104. Tutorial on exceeding Avatar size.
  105. Foreshortening of the Arm
  106. Tendinitis and you
  107. Color tutorials?
  108. Anyone solely use Sketchbook pro 6 ?
  109. Idea for a clean lead pointer
  110. DeviantArt Terms of Agreement
  111. Digital Bundle for $69. Download versions
  112. template
  113. Best paper for copic marker illustrations
  114. Buying a new Wacom tablet...
  115. Question on Manga 5 EX issue
  116. Can anyone identify the font used in Bakuman? (And help me find a font :))
  117. was reading this and im lost now
  118. what book is this from?
  119. Resources for Backgrounds & Settings
  120. Which lead do you use?
  121. Advice with Manga 5 ex coloring.
  122. How many drawings a day does it take to get to pro level?
  123. The actual size of a comic book?
  124. Question on the wrong and right way and opinion ?
  125. The metal quality of the current Hunt 102
  126. Here's a great tip for Photoshop users!
  127. Where is a good place to get reference for Jungle plants???
  128. Watercolors simulation in Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio Paint Pro
  129. Jean "Moebius" Giraud on Comic Art!
  130. Question on flattening?????
  131. Layers and Channels - Short Explanation!
  132. Dry Bristle Brush for Manga Studio 5
  133. Displays for digital art and color calibrators
  134. Resolution
  135. Inking queries
  136. Webcomic Queries
  137. Advise From Gail Simone On How To Break Into Comics -- U. S. Domestic!
  138. 25+ Tips to consider before launching your comic Kickstarter.
  139. Legalities of SF Giants shirt on a character in my comic?
  140. UPC Barcodes ... Help!
  141. Manga studio and multiple monitors - Mac OSX
  142. Need help with corrupted PSD!
  143. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  144. Any advice or critiques for my kickstarter page?
  145. The Artist's Video Demonstration Thread
  146. Failed Artist Seeking Advice
  147. wordpress HELP!!
  148. Deviant Art Pricing Questions
  149. Any advice for drawing robots?
  150. Kolinsky Red Sable brushes banned in the US??
  151. How can I draw better
  152. Summer 2014 Drawing Magazine Perspective Article!
  153. Photoshop options?
  154. Is Being A Good Artist Genetic?
  155. Regarding Dragon Heads
  156. I have an idea about making pose-able dummies
  157. Some questions regarding drawing heads. (andrew loomis approach)
  158. When you draw the edges of a picture...
  159. Glen Keane Animates a drawing
  160. How to network at the Artist Alley of a con?
  161. Tips on going from roughs to finished pencils
  162. A solution to Brush Lag in Manga Studio 5!!!
  163. How Much Do I Charge for My Services?
  164. Coming up with a simple story.
  165. 32, 16 or 8 bit RGB?
  166. Font size?
  167. hi all im studing proportion from andrew loomis figure drawing for all its worth
  168. Permission to ink?
  169. Quality of drawings fluctuates?
  170. Instead of an s pen holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 stylus
  171. Ballpoint pens that don't pool?
  172. Analyzing image / source from observation
  173. Making sketch cards
  174. Need help with Microsoft Surface 2
  175. Look into my eyes...
  176. Another Webcomic thread
  177. Ribcage drawing
  178. Daily exercises: what kind of routine?
  179. Wacom recommendations..?
  180. Inking practice sequential art
  181. How I construct human bodies
  182. Printer isn't printing Cyan correctly
  183. Clip Studio Paint EX Tone help
  185. Wacom on OSX Yosmeite
  186. Perspective Exercises
  187. Using the gradient tool in Photoshop for illustrations
  188. How to Letter/edit
  189. Beginner's Guide To Pencil Shading!
  190. inking practice idea
  191. What size do you sketch outdoors?
  192. Helpful Blogs, sites, books and stuff
  193. Link To Temporary Free E-Book!
  194. Getting better at backgrounds... any tips???
  195. Copics, multiliners and paper.
  196. A good site for hosting photos
  197. Photoshop Coloring Question
  198. Photoshop FX & Tricks
  199. Grayscale underpainting for translucent media?
  200. Problems with vectorizing art
  201. Vector Drawing Software
  202. Microsoft surface pro 2 pressure sensitivity intermittent loss of pressure.
  203. Turn Sketches into Comics using Open Source (FREE) software!
  204. Brush cleaners and soaps
  205. Pentel black ink brush pen
  206. Question regarding splatter inking technique
  207. Question on Line Work and Anatomy
  208. Manga Studio EX 5 Sensitivity
  209. OpenSource Programs
  210. Tablet Brands
  211. Adobe Illustrator CS2- FREE!
  212. Sticking to one style
  213. need help with some perspective drawing...
  214. business cards?
  215. Autodesk sketchbook on the Galaxy Note4
  216. Are Pentel Stylo Sketch Pens Archival?
  217. Inking on poster board
  218. Online portfolio reviews - Critcast
  219. Automate your social media feeds w/ If This, Then That.
  220. Photoshop keeps creating semi transparent rectangles in my images.
  221. Corel Painter Sketch Pad issue
  222. Seeking advice/help learning sequential for comic book drawing
  223. Image links from dropbox
  224. Does anyone have experience preparing a press pack to give to retailers?
  225. Looking for resources on different comic art styles
  226. How do you get nice scans?
  227. Inking in Illustrator
  228. Coloring in Adobe Illustrator
  229. Looking to get a screened tablet
  230. Animation Help
  231. Manga Studio 5 EX on sale. Any good reason to switch from the GIMP?
  232. Where to get prints done?
  233. The 12 ultimate tips for composition in art
  234. Recommendation: Anatomy for Sculptors
  235. Creative Trek
  236. Wonderwoman artist
  237. Free art books
  238. Waterbrush instead of brush-pen?
  239. Tips on how to find freelance work?
  240. GoDaddy Renewal Codes
  241. Replacement Band For Art Board
  242. Covering mistakes with house paint
  243. Light, Color, Form & Edges
  244. Not quite Art: Marketing of it though!
  245. Help with old 2007-2008 axiotron / modbook. Aka macbook 4,1
  246. photoshop question -- how to do a BLACK WITH STARS background?
  247. Manga Studio 5 - Anyway to fill flood fill vectors?
  248. 10 Tips on How to Email an Illustrator by Kelley McMorris
  249. Holbein RGB?
  250. Undo shortcut on Wacom tablet?